Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Creating a bedroom Ocean Style!

I am so excited, I can't even begin to tell you.   I won a gift certificate from Ocean Styles Beach Decor!!  I wrote about them here:  My Post: What's your Ocean Style?
and here, just because their new pillows caught my eye:
Need some advice?

I try to do things around here a little at a time, physically due to restraints and financially, on a  fixed income.  This gift certificate is beyond a welcomed gift!  My next room to do beach style is my bedroom.  It is a blank canvas waiting for some inspiration and direction.  As much as I like FUN, I don't necessarily want "fun" in my bedroom (although maybe that's what I need! joke)  I want it soothing, relaxing...  I want it Ocean Style!  I don't want to jump into it either just because I can.  I want to think it out, plan it out so I know that's what I want to live with or better yet sleep with every night.

I have started a new board on Pinterst if you'd like to check it out as I go... it's here.  My dresser and chest of drawers are over 30 years old but in good condition and heavy!  I want to lighten them up and the drawers have a wicker look that will go with the look I'm going for.

I keep getting drawn to St. Martin Blue Bedding shown on this you tube video.

OK, I spent some time looking and thinking and I need to step back and really think!  I have quilts and comforters and I think what I need is accessories to pull it together  so ... I'm going to step back and reevaluate my choices and especially direction!

This is going to be fun but not as easy as you'd think.  Do over!!

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