Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sometimes I get stuck...

Sometimes, you just have to wonder.  You get your mind set, you think you have  a path, a direction, a goal, and POOF!  the rug is pulled out from under you AGAIN!  But that's life, I guess. Or it is the way mine has been going.

I have been trying to redesign my life for a while.  I was lucky to sell my original art work to be sold on the Jersey Shore.  I reinvested that money into supplies for the batch I am working on and I'm liking what I am doing.  It is a good diversion getting into the 'zone' but lately I have been very distracted.

You may have read:  My life is under construction again...  well, it took a twist and turn again.

After dismantling outside and cleaning up, the home I was going to move into was sold from under me.  I was told I had a month, but more like 2 weeks later it was sold and someone moved into it.  I've been on a bummer since.

There is another one that would be even better but I don't know what to do about it...

I started writing this post, but was stuck and stayed stuck  long enough.   So this is what I'm doing now... and the motivation behind it.

I haven't been {home} to Long Island in about 2 or 3 years to see my family SOOOO everyone is coming down to Florida the weekend after Thanksgiving.  They are all flying into Orlando and spending the weekend at Disney and then heading over this way.  I am very excited and can't wait to see everyone!  

As many of you know I started allot of work inside and outside.  I had to undo allot outside when I thought I was moving and put everything inside on hold and left in a mess.  Well, yesterday I started picking up the pieces and putting things back together again.  I don't know if I will ever move but for now this is 'home' so it was overdue being home again.  I started in the living room because that was the room I spend most of my time in and it was a shambles.  I had moved things to move the washer and dryer in to redo the hall floor and just never moved the living room back together.  So yesterday I did... almost... and today I continue.  From there I'll take one room at a time and clean and set up... Before I know it, they will be here and that way when my family does come to visit I don't have to be mortified!!!

My life is still under construction!!!

Sometimes I still wonder.... I am hurting today and taking it so much slower than yesterday but mentally I am in a better place and taking it one step at a time.  Let's see how the journey goes.


  1. Ahhhhh girl, I'm so sorry you did not get that other place. Hard lesson learned I guess about real estate sales. I can't imagine the hurt you felt and the loss of time etc from all the prep you had started for the move. Hugs to you.

    As for the rest - I can so relate and my heart goes out to you! I've been stuck and shuffling boxes and piles and stacks of stuff since I got a divorce 6 years ago... and like you, I am 'starting' to make some slow improvements, one room at a time. I had my living room cleaned up for the first time in the over 2 years I've been in this apartment, and now it's all piled up again, because I had to move stuff out of this bedroom which is a office/craft room, so that I could get "the" perfect and final desk, work top arrangement. And, I accomplished that! After 2 years, finally figured this blasted room

    Now, I need to continue the work and get shelves up on the wall etc etc...and move forward. Moving forward, and totally re-doing a room used to be so much fun for me!, and I'd joyfully spend a full day nonstop working on it. Too mentally and emotionally burned after the divorce to do it that way anymore, but, in that area too I'm making progress and feeling better. Getting my 'positive joy' back, AND YOU WILL TOO!

    "Company" is the worlds best motivator!!.... it's actually how I got my living room done... daughter gave me a washer/dryer, and had to clean up to make room to store it in my dining room, and for her visit - the first one in a couple of years. So - "enjoy" the joy of their coming while doing the work and maybe it will help you get through the physical aspects of it all. Yes, one section of a room at a time if necessary to keep feeling positive about progress... and daily treat yourself to some Art for your soul's well being.

    You can do this!! Climbing up from being bummed is not fun, but, as you know - it's doable, again. And again. And again. Gets old after a while, however, it's totally better than staying down! Glad you shared about it. I haven't been able to get back to my blog since I started it. I hope to start writing again sometime soon though. Just another 'stuck' place to work out of. Hugs to you!

    1. Thank you so much Girlfriend! I'm starting to get my attitude back on track and accepting where I am again. So I'll get it together sooner or later but like you said, company is a great motivator... we will get there. hugs right back to ya.


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