Friday, January 30, 2015

A Year By The Beach: January 2015 Part 1

A Year By The Beach
January 2015

I've started off the New Year without resolutions but with goals. For some reason, if you call them resolutions you don't keep them BUT if you call them goals, they are measurable and attainable.

I have a new primary doctor, thanks to “affordable care” and already taking care of issues physically and mentally. My goals are measurable and hopefully attainable. A lot of my other goals are based on attaining these goals.

I have many things that need to be done around the house that have either been started and not completed or strictly maintenance. Some things are still waiting because I had help, that I no longer have; some not done because of my own physical limitations; some not affordable to have someone do it or they only half do it. My goal is to be able to get my independence back and do for myself.

My Etsy Shop, The Journey's Gifts, was put on vacation mode just around Christmas. The shop needs to be refreshed and I have many new items I'd like to work on for the new year.

If you follow me on Facebook, you will see that I have been following the Sea Shepard Cove Guardians very closely, as well as Ric O'Berry's Dolphin Project and others. I am amazed or more so appalled that the horrific savage slaughter and captivity of majestic dolphins and small whales continues six months of the year.

If you've seen “The Cove”, you know what I am talking about. If not, I suggest you watch it. I will be posting in an effort to advocate and educate as many people as possible this year. My hope is that this year is the end of captivity and slaughters. And just for your information, I am against the continued captivity and entertainment in sea aquariums, dolphinariums, shows, swim with in captivity. In this day and age we should be doing better as we DO know better. More on this to come.

I haven't been “home” since 2010, and this Christmas was more difficult than in the past. I have nieces and nephews that are 2 and 4. What a great age for the holidays. My goal is to get up there this year for the holidays... I'm just hoping it is a mild winter when I get there.

So, today being the day that most people stop whatever resolutions they started on the first, I am just gearing up!
Happy New Year!

A Year By The Beach - January 2015 Intro

Good Afternoon,

I've been away from here and a lot of places for a while... BUT I am back!

I am back from a very dark place and very thankful.  I have been writing posts off-line and will be sharing them over the next few days... and in the days to come, as well as getting back into the groove of things.

Truth is, I fell into a depression.  I was prescribed an anti-depressive that took me to the darkest place I think I've ever been.  After stopping it and getting it out of my system, it was unbelievable.  It was like all the lights went on and the sun was shining all at once!  I have a new plan that doesn't include depression or anti-depressives.  More later.

Anyway, I have a lot to catch up on but just have to do it in phases.  PAIN is my number one issue right now.  I am not ready to have a hip replacement but I have to get my life together and ready for it.  

So for now I wish you all well and hope you will follow along as I get my shit together.


Monday, September 29, 2014

FALL 2014

End of September Newsletter
Fall 2014

Hi Everyone!

I know it's been a long time since posting and so much has been going on! Some good, some not so good and some ugly but it's all part of the journey and I am hoping it's all is better in the end. I don't even know where to begin...

I have been extremely busy working on unique pieces for my Etsy Shop. ~I have finally come to the point where I am accepting and realizing, there are things I can do, and things I can't, and will be concentrating on the things I can.~ So I have been researching things that are uncommon, different and/or hard to find coastal d├ęcor pieces that you MUST have or must SHARE! My whole idea is that this virtual gift shop I am creating will have one of a kind gifts that, as you take this journey with me, you will want to share too. Some of these gifts are labor intensive and take days to complete BUT I want to share them at a cost that is affordable for all. I am using the best materials available to me, different pieces, and putting allot of love and time into each piece by hand. I am not creating the run-of-the-mill mass-produced items. Each piece is thought out and carefully made to last and enjoy. There is usually a story behind each one...

Each one that I work on, at that moment, is my very favorite piece but I have to say that the pieces I am working on are my favorites. Each one is different and each one I am proud of.

As a coastal girl and lover, I am preparing for a Magnificent Coastal Christmas. Each item, although great for year 'round, fits into the Holiday Season very easily. Whether you are keeping it for yourself or giving as a gift, with a little thought it works well as a Coastal Gift, and/or an add-on to a gift.

I have also been working, and continue to work, on special gift wrapping for my items, whether or not it is a gift you are giving or you are keeping it for yourself. I want you to be excited to receive it too. Some items are odd sizes and shapes and they are a challenge to wrap, so I am working on those so you don't have to worry.

My orders all receive an ATC, Artist Trading Card. This little painting, 2.5x3.5 inch canvas, is something I have personally done, whether to experiment with colors, techniques, or strictly for enjoyment. Although it is customary to collect and trade, that is up to you. You may choose to keep it for yourself, punch a hole in it and add string or raffia for a gift card, add a magnet to the back, use it as a bookmark... the possibilities are endless.

Sometimes the journey has many twists and turns, so I am adding a collection, I am calling: New Direction. I am launching this for the New Year. It will contain original artwork with sayings and quotes for positive reminders for the new year going forward. The New Year is such a great time to look forward to a journey that holds so many possibilities for us all to look forward to.

To follow my journey, I hope you will like me on Facebook. There you will find the daily workings of new items and discounts...

Monday, April 28, 2014

Let's get a grip!

I've been thinking about this a lot lately.  I read allot of the Facebook posts and talk to some close friends and family.  We all have issues we are going through... BUT we need to get a grip!

THIS IS YOUR LIFE!  If we spend our time dwelling on negatives, there is no space for positives or we'll miss it as it comes by. 

The choice is yours.  Choose positive over negative, good over bad...  You are alive... live it!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I'm sitting here again.... I have so many things to do and so many I want to do but I am having a hard time standing, no less bending and forget about kneeling!

I don't do things in any order that makes sense necessarily but more as I can according to pain level and what meets my fancy.  Usually, people would seal first, paint, decorate, etc.  I did all section by section so I had to go up and down the ladder the least amount of times.  I painted sections from the bottom first on days I couldn't use the ladder... but I am feeling like I have been doing too much in too short of time... and not keeping up with everything else or what routinely needs to be done... and I AM GETTING FRUSTRATED!

Last night we had a heavy rain and the areas I sealed seem to have held up but areas that needed the extra didn't and of course there is still areas to be sealed.

I have this problem, "Wonder Woman Syndrome".  My mind is working and has these great ideas and I work in no special order but my body is not cooperating.  I am working on the patio, in the mist of cleaning out the shed, need to patch the floor in front of the door, need to chalk in between the new sub floor in the kitchen and decide on flooring... I guess I need to find someone else to mow the weeds and want to try to re-seed some patches... need more shells for the front of the house and power wash and paint the whole darn thing!  

Today, I will make a list (again), try to do little things necessary and take some pictures of what is getting done so I can remind myself that I am making progress!

a friend posted this, so I don't know the original source.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I'm on my ass again!

Some of you understand, those that don't, I don't know what I could tell you.   I pushed and I pushed, I backed off a couple of days and pushed past the limit so here I am sitting.  I'm trying to take the focus off the pain and ....

I was moving right along on the patio... avoiding the up and down of the ladder, Sunday I was excited to finish painting so I could get to clean up and reposition my chairs.... but I had someone come over and he weighed allot more than me, stepped just right and went through a soft spot in the mobile home floor!!!  Thank God he wasn't hurt!!  But his mother was glad it wasn't me!  So I changed plans and started to prepare to repair it BUT it did me in...I couldn't move.  Yesterday I was in so much pain, I was angry!  Not sure at who or what after I was angry with myself for being useless... which is really not so.  My mind and body still have a problem with when is enough.  And anger was good for me this time.

I just get frustrated 'cause I want to keep going and get stuff done.  In my anger, I figured out a much easier way to fix the floor so that is a good thing.  But it entails going to the money tree and buying more supplies.

Yesterday, and today, will be do-nothing days.  Today, my brother-in-law is having major surgery in New York, so I am sitting and waiting with my family via text messages and phone calls.  Please say a prayer or send positive vibes their way, if you read this.

Hope you are having a great day!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

UP-DATED: Not to blow the budget!

It's March!!  And this month I'm working on: how not to blow the budget!!  No different than any other month but I'm excited to get things done and February extended the things to do list!

As you know I have recently had my patio screened in.  The idea is to be able to use it 360 days out the 365 days of the year.  I am figuring on about 5 days of too cold here during the winter, or maybe too hot during the day but comfortable enough at night to enjoy.

The most expense was the actually enclosing of the patio but someone locally, a neighbor, has done so many here, he did mine. So after that, putting it all together will be the next expense and can't break the budget.

Right now, I have been using resin furniture because it's been exposed to the elements, but I want to go more comfortable... and more living, den feeling, without losing the tropics.

The first expense, of decorating, was the curtains. They are shear and light enough to blow in the breeze BUT enough to give some privacy inside and out.  It makes a big difference not feeling like I am sitting in the middle of the (main) road!  Two shipments under $75.00!!

I will start with 2 free sample quarts, I got from ACE Hardware during a promotion, on the shed.  It will give me an idea of how the two colors will match.  After seeing the colors together, I will decide if they are the colors I want the "room" to be as well as the whole trailer.

Two beachy aquas and white trim... I'm liking how it looks!  I couldn't stand anymore because I had started cleaning out the shed.  It will be easy enough to start with paint and get it done.

UPDATE:  Shed front finished painting with two coats!  DONE!!

I have an area rug (indoor/outdoor) there for my seating area but I want to do wall-to-wall indoor/outdoor carpet as a base.  I wind up with 230 sq. ft. and looking at 3 different types of indoor/outdoor carpet I come up with  $180, $203, and $250 to cover the floor.  My biggest decision is color!  How crazy is that.

Found these at the dumpster and they are in great shape.  I think I decided on a sand color carpet!  FREE is great but the color and traditional style will last and work out well.

Next I will be checking out thrift stores again.  I want a futon or twin day bed (that I may be able to put together myself) and comfy chairs for lounging out there and something to use as a buffet for those things that I wouldn't have to go in and out for.

I'm going to make a railing looking like pilings with rope around it.  In my head, it seems easy enough.  And will take done my aluminum screen door and eventually replace with a wood screen door.

Of course, the list goes on, but this is where I start a new month.  I may not accomplish it all but that's my start.

Wishing you the best for a new month to do what makes you feel good and gets you closer to where you want to be.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

loving my screened in patio!!

There is nothing like living in Florida and being able to enjoy the outside at any time.

From the time I moved in here, I have wanted a screened in patio....AND I finally have it!!  I am in love with it, very happy, very excited to spend days and nights just enjoying and looking forward to making it a comfy cozy hang out!

Right now, I am making due with what I have but I will be on the look out for comfy furniture for out there and will be bringing some of my furniture from inside to outside.  What I am thinking about is a futon or something like that for curling up for a nap. 

screened in

looking in from the outside

from the inside

softens up the view

Heidi enjoys the fresh air too

curtains all up...

I love the curtains!  They weren't exactly what I thought they were going to be, but they work, and the do what I want them to do without blocking the breeze.  I thought they were more of a fish net material, but they are actually more like (bridal) veiling. They come as a pair, and each panel is 98L x 110W.  The length was perfect and having worked as a 'window specialist' before, I had hoped that doubling the width would be enough but I wound up tripling it in the front and front sides, and left a single panel to pull across the doors when needed (at night).  Here is the link for IKEA LILL Sheer curtains, 1 pair.  I used 8 pair to do my patio and even with shipping twice, it was more affordable then anything else I could find.

Need to clean up a bit and set up for some coffee in the morning, some painting in the afternoon, and wine in the evening!   Stay tuned for some decorating!