Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trial and error

Cork covered clock
I loved the idea BUT someone forgot to mention that if you want to work with cork in this manner, it would probably be better using real cork not those plastic kind.  Hot glue did not hold.  The clock itself had a shiny plastic border around and the only glue I found that worked was an auto (as in 'car') glue.  I was going to leave it the way it was for now BUT when I went to re-set the time I broke the clock.  The corks just popped right off and the glue popped off easy too.  I'll just wait till I have enough real corks for the next project.

Just some other things I've been working on

This one is in the bathroom.
I have gotten obsessed with this type of writing of phrases.  More to post.  I got this idea of doing a water color painting with phrases over it BUT although the ink is permanent, I'm still wondering if I paint over these will the ink still run.  Stay turned because I will be finding out soon.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Started making gifts...

Decided to try some of the ideas I've been finding on Pinterest!  This one is an actual photo on a 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 ceramic tile.  There is a lot of information out there on decoupaging copies of photos to everything but I didn't go that way and I'm pleased with my results.  All I did was:
  1. Use Mod Podge to 'glue' Scrap Book paper to the tile; make sure to work bubbles out; let dry;
  2. Mod Podge photo to tile on top of paper; make sure to work out bubbles; let dry;
  3. I added 3 to 4 coats of Mod Podge on top of photo and paper; drying in between coats.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Slowed down for a couple of weeks

Hi and Good Afternoon!

I've slowed down for a while here.  I still have the kitchen and bathroom to finish.  I'm hoping to get the bathroom done over the weekend and will take "finally done" pictures.  I still have to finish painting the trim and decide if I want to paint the ceiling a color too.  I didn't paint inside the tub area and want to look in to a moisture resistant paint.  I have to go through and clean out the medicine cabinet and under the sink... I know there are things there that are at least 6 years out!

I have been searching high and low on Pinterest, Facebook, blogs, and all kinds of web searches.  I am in love with Pinterest because not only can I save things I like, want to do or/and try but keep track of whatever I want but I also can search others there that may have ideas I'm looking for.  Anything I find on the internet, I can "Pin It" so a file and refer to it later.  I have found so many DIY things to do that I now have a list of a life time.  As a matter of fact, the idea of painting furniture, especially after seeing the prices of, started me by picking up my $1.00 table and choosing colors for the bathroom and kitchen.  It's only pain so if I don't like it, which I really do, I can just paint it again!  I have also found out how to do things I like that I didn't know before.  I am currently work on some gifts that I will share later.  It doesn't require me going up and down a ladder or just standing there.  I need the rest.

What I am doing is getting ready for the holidays.  I want to have everything ready to mail right after Thanksgiving, only because if I wait I will wind up being late.

I'll share more later when I find or buy new batteries for the camera!

Have a great afternoon!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Worked on the Bathroom and needed a break!

Hi!  I started with my $1.00 table and started redoing the bathroom.  It was painted very white on white and actually did nothing for my Croscill shower curtain and bath accessories.  I used paint samples on the table but broke down and used Benjamin Moore paint in the bathroom.  I am very happy with it, although my hand (especially my thumb) hurts!  I still have to small brush the molding at the ceiling but I just had to get things together...I need to get into the shower, do laundry and clean up the living room!

A very bad picture, but you get the idea.

Need to 'merchandize the table and the rest of the bathroom...

This is actually after allot is done but I started by hot gluing shells to the mirror.

Love the "Relax" and how it just goes!

Nate Berkus shell filled candle stick; one broke so the shells are in a dollar store vase with jute string around the neck and holding the star fish and bigger shell... I'm loving it!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Re-finished my $1.00 Thrift Store table

$1.00 end table
A simple sturdy table, after looking for something for my bathroom that would allow me to reach the window to open and close, was a perfect fit.  I am in the process of painting and re-decorating the bath but side tracked to re-do the table outside while the weather permitted.

I didn't have everything I thought I should have to do this but went ahead anyway.  All I did was put the glass top inside so it wouldn't break.  Then I unscrewed the bottom piece, which was a straw weave kinda panel and placed aside.  After just wiping it down, I used paint tape to cover the lighter wood.

I started with Walmart Exterior Turquiose Paint that I had painted my front door with.

Step 2
Not satisfied.

I painted part of the light wood on the bottom with the color I have for the bath room walls and tried putting some on the legs (which I didn't like at all).  Then decided to do all the light wood with the lighter blue paint.  I did leavesome of the dark wood showing through.

Step 3
Spray the bottom

I used a Textured Multicolor Sand Spray Paint

Well, it fits exactly like I want it to but the colors look very different inside... back to finishing painting.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Had to take a break from painting

I was painting in sections and over did it, going up and down my step ladder.  I couldn't find things so cleaned up and started by putting things in place where I'd painted.  I found a 'gothic' book shelf and my toaster oven fits on the top shelf, freeing up more space on my baker's rack.  Although the black is not a big deal, I'm not sure I want black in the kitchen but not sure what to do with it.

The shelves of the 'gothic' shelves look like they have been there forever.

I got these 2 chairs and cushions at the thrift store.
I want to try chalk paint and re-do the cushions.