Friday, October 7, 2011

Re-finished my $1.00 Thrift Store table

$1.00 end table
A simple sturdy table, after looking for something for my bathroom that would allow me to reach the window to open and close, was a perfect fit.  I am in the process of painting and re-decorating the bath but side tracked to re-do the table outside while the weather permitted.

I didn't have everything I thought I should have to do this but went ahead anyway.  All I did was put the glass top inside so it wouldn't break.  Then I unscrewed the bottom piece, which was a straw weave kinda panel and placed aside.  After just wiping it down, I used paint tape to cover the lighter wood.

I started with Walmart Exterior Turquiose Paint that I had painted my front door with.

Step 2
Not satisfied.

I painted part of the light wood on the bottom with the color I have for the bath room walls and tried putting some on the legs (which I didn't like at all).  Then decided to do all the light wood with the lighter blue paint.  I did leavesome of the dark wood showing through.

Step 3
Spray the bottom

I used a Textured Multicolor Sand Spray Paint

Well, it fits exactly like I want it to but the colors look very different inside... back to finishing painting.

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