Sunday, June 24, 2012

Part 2 ~ Becoming Living Room Proud

It's in the Details!

I am really enjoying my living room!  I am loving the colors and some of the details I have even surprised me!

Window Proud!  Just some fun!
Let's start with the first window.  Without getting into details, when I was painting around the trim of the window, I was getting annoyed at the fact that I no longer had something to use as a window treatment.  As I waited for the paint to dry, I sat here and thought... and thought.. and thought some more! 

I don't need something for privacy but I didn't want to see the streaks from trying to clean the window panes from the inside and outside.  I wanted as much light to come through as possible.  It also had no moldings around it and it just looked bare... too minimalist for me.

So I looked and thought some more... until I thought I had an idea.  As I gathered what I needed, I still wondered if it would work. 

I used the smaller fishing net first.  I weaved in and out of some of the openings with a spring tension pole at the top and bottom.  TOO SMALL!  So, I went outside and got the bigger net.

The net holes are bigger than I would have liked but I'll make it work.  There are shells attached with jute to the net... but I solved my dilemma so one to painting.  I washed it by hand and let it dry overnight.

When I was  done painting I put the larger net up on the window with a tension rod at top and bottom.  I just tucked the smaller net in some of the larger nets...

It began to be like decorating a Christmas tree as I came across beachy decorations.  The seagulls were brown till I gave them a quick coat of primer, sanded and dotted their eyes with a Sharpie.

Then I used the vertical blinds slats to frame the window making faux window frame...I'll have to trim them but I think it finishes off the window.

So while I was a Dollar Tree I picked up these fishing nets in their Luau Section and this Door Fringe.

I'm not sure how this is all going to work out.  The netting is once again larger than I hoped and I had hope they would have a different color rather than green.  I'll play with it for now and keep my eyes open for different colors.

This is one fishing net on a spring tension rod, to me, just not doing it for me.  So this is where I'll leave you so I can post this and I'll keep working on it.

Have a good night!

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