Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Knock Off Anthropologie Jute Hurricane Lantern

On June 1st, Hurricane Season started... again.  Since I moved to Florida, every year I prepare for the season, praying that I will make it through.  Every year since, I have been very lucky!  My thought on the matter is: if I prepare and I'm ready, all will be fine.  Every year I prepare a little more.  I just have to remember to check the dates on my canned goods.  I read that someone donates all their canned goods in November that haven't been used.  I think that is a wonderful idea, and will keep that in mind this year.

What brings this all about is the post below I saw on Facebook.  What a wonderful idea and good looking too, way to be prepared.  Even other storms knock out the lights (and accidents)... and just for atmosphere, these would be wonderful inside and out.  I can wait to make my own... one or two... three or four...!!!

I do hope you will take a look and spread some love on her blog and Facebook page!

Hymns and Verses: Knock Off Anthropologie Jute Hurricane Lantern: So here's my inspiration, an outdoor jute hurricane lantern from Anthopologie.  It sells for $38.  I made mine with things I had on hand...

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