Friday, June 8, 2012

OK.... so what do you think??

Some days I just do a quick run through and other days I actually look one after the other on Home Talk.  Today I got stuck there and came across just what I was thinking about for the bedroom but also an idea that may work for the hall.
Take a look:
Anita Roll Murals (Alpharetta, GA)
Atlanta designer Angela Hogan had raw wood applied to the bed wall and then I used a three step aging process to get a weathered look that also incorporated the dominant colors in the bedding. The builder was worried at first but loved it after all the painting and decor was in place. Beazer Homes/ Houston, TX
You can see some of the raw wood just to the left of the lamp.
Luckily, Anita shared her DIY...
Okay here goes... Sand the wood if necessary before applying to the 
wall. My first step was brushing on a wash of grey paint which I mixed up into a bucket. I had rags ready to catch drips and actually rub into the wood to cover the raw wood but allow the natural grain and imperfection to show through. Next I lightly drybrushed a cream color over the grey wash using a wide brush (old worn out brushes work best) and allowing the grey to show through. It should be streaky looking. Next and most importantly I brushed the burnt orange color onto a sanding block and very lightly skipped it along the wood. The paint should not be too thick on the block or it will add to much at once on the wood. Start by very lightly touching the sanding block to the wood and run it along the edges of the planks and in the middle of the wood here and there. Experiment on extra planks to get the feel of it. Sanding blocks can be found at any hardware store.

The possibilities are endless...I'm thinking the ceiling too!!  I could go crazy and have a "beach shack" look everywhere!  LOL

One more thing.  If you want to get those crazy creative juices flowing, check out her website too's part of the journey.


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