Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Not so glamorous! Time to organize.

It got to the time to get into the unglamorous stuff!  Time to clean up paper clutter and organize. Time for a rest from physical work.  Here we go...OK, so here we go BUT I have to look at everything as I go through it... right?
DANGEROUS! Among other books, that I was able to dust off and put on the shelf, I spied this one:
 ●  The Lazy Woman's Guide to Just about Everything: Practical Tips & Lazy Wisdom for a Life of Ease
by Judie O'Neill & Bridget Fonger

What a find!!

The Chapters are:

The Birth of a Lazy Woman
A Hammock in Every Room
Do I know You?
The Most Satisfying Tools
Feathering the Lazy Woman's
Nest: The ... Family
The Crazy World We Live In
Make Me Up and Spit Me Out
Please, God, Deal Me a New Hand
Is there a lazy way to Heaven?
And more

I love to read!  I really need to make more time for a book. Besides it taking you to another place, those places can give such wisdom, humor and enlighten talking to an old friend in their absence.

From Chapter 3:
The Most Satisfying of Tools
Equipping Yourself For A Life of Ease Organization: The Lazy Woman's Top Ten Tools

Since I am embarking today on the journey of reorganizing, I took a look in the book for some
lazy quick tips. There is a section about “Organization Tools” that includes using:
Canvas tote bags Baskets Storage boxes (plastic or cardboard) Labels Rubber bands/ paper clips/twist ties/staplers/tape
gifts/mailing center/basic tools
Baskets/drawers/decorative containers 

Organizing Techniques: they put  together a section by areas of the
house. I'm not going to get into each area or each detail but as I do my own, I'll share the ideas I did get and use.

 Right now I AM really liking the Undecided BoxFor a long time, I probably wouldn't have been able to find a box large enough but I am hoping a shoe box size will be fine now!

I had a Lazy Woman's idea and didn't even it know it!  My Computer Basket! 
I set up a basket the other day for all the things that were on my computer corner of the coffee table. Things that I use when blogging mostly.  Luckily, the basket is large enough to add a magazine or two, a book, a print-out that I refer to for a post. Keeping it where I can find it and still neat too.
I need one for the side of my bed for things I take back and
forth for 'bed time reading'.

  What's in it?

  • Notebook of 2 e-books on refinishing furniture from Altar'd Furniture.  You can find them here and so much more.

  • Notebook with e-book, 'Road-map to Action' by Laura Simms.  You can get it here.
  • Project notebook with: to-do lists, blog calendar, blog idea and project sheets/outlines...
  • Spiral sketch book that I constantly draw, make lists, write down ideas...and room lay-outs with measurements.
      • and this.  It still needs a home.

Praise to the Women on my journey
To the women on my journey
Who showed me the ways to go and the ways not to go,
Whose strength and compassion
Held up a torch of light and beckoned me to follow...
To the women on my journey
Who showed me how to live and not to live,
Whose grace, success and gratitude
Lifted me into the fullness of surrender to God...
To the women on my journey
Who showed me what I am and what I am not,
Whose love, encouragement and confidence
Held me tenderly and nudged me gently...
To these women I say
From the depths of my heart,
For I have been healed and set free
Through your joy and through your sacrifice.

And inside my Blog folder:
Inside the folder I keep past month blog calendars;
“Not quite mid-yr review”; as well as a yearly review;
“Completion planner”; A number of To-Do Lists; Blog Ideas: everything has a story; quotes, websites, etc. “Project planner”; “Weekly planner”;  Different resources for blogging.


My monthly Blog Calendar is a gift from LAURA SIMMS, career coach for creatives at
The ROADMAP to ACTION is priceless
and “the you-sized guide to charting your course”; includes planners for creative entrepreneurs.
I am a big one for maps on this journey. I also know it is OK to ask for directions on this journey so I hope you will check out Laura's website...Create as Folk

I hope you found some ideas for your own journey...I love baskets!

Lazy Quick Tips:

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