Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Part 4 - Before and After: Becoming Living Room Proud

Just wanna have fun!

They say 'a picture's worth a thousand words'.  I like the difference in my before and after pictures.  What do you think??

Now, my Lighthouse Beam!

The only thing that stayed in the same spot was the shelves on the wall.

I like how the picture pops!

Looking into the kitchen, you can see the colors.
And the couch is moved again.

Time to finish cleaning up desk!

My Blogging Basket
I'll share what's in my basket in another post but it has everything I use when blogging, ideas off the web, calendars, idea notebook.... and I can across this book, "The Lazy Woman's Guide to Just About Everything", by  Judie O'Neill & Bridget Fonger, while clearing off the shelf on the desk. 

I have to keep moving so I'll catch you later...

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