Thursday, September 6, 2012


Definition of REUNITE

transitive verb
: to bring together again
intransitive verb
: to come together again : rejoin

In the days following September 11, there was a united wave that hit not just New York,  Washington, D.C., not even just in a small field in Pennsylvania.  There was a united wave that rolled out across our country, our continent and around the world.  I don't know that our country has been so united as it was since the bombing of Pearl Harbor, but certainly the likes my generation had never seen.

We made a promise to NEVER FORGET.  Not only should we never forget the horrible acts of that day but we should never forget each other.  We should never forget that feeling, that want to help and look out for each other.  We should reunite and stand together, with all of our differences, as a UNITED PEOPLE.


  1. Thank you for a sweet reminder of what's important. It's sad that most times the difficult things are what brings us together. But heartening at the same time that we get a glimpse of the unselfish side of life.

  2. Thank you Sheila... we all need reminders, myself included.


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