Friday, September 7, 2012


I know that most people remember where they were when they found out of the first plane hitting the Tower, as well as each plane after.  I was still living on Long Island, New York and I can only speak of what I know from being a transit train ride outside of Manhattan.

Volunteers are a rare breed under the best of times, but I believe to volunteer under a horrific time takes a little bit more guts.  When you volunteer, you are not being paid for your time.  Heck, you are lucky sometimes to get a "thank you".  For the most part it can be left up  to your own means to do whatever it is that is expected.  You do it because you care so much that you have to do something.

Almost immediately, volunteers made their way into the city; collections of supplies were brought into city; word spread over and over of what the workers on the pile needed, where a truck would leave from and when, so donations could get on the truck and into the city.

The streets were lined up with tables, tents and vending trucks; restaurants would stay open for the workers just to have a place to sit, eat and sometimes sleep.  We couldn't do enough....

So from the bottom of my heart, I thank all those people too, that looked after the well-being of those who came from near and far to hold up and help the people of New York City.

Thank You Tribute to the 9/11 Recovery Workers

Reflections on Recovery after 9/11 

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