Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Break time...

It's not that  haven't been working on blogging; I have been writing just not posting.  I am working on them, they just aren't done or ready for posting.  

But when I look back over the month of July, I covered allot of make overs and projects that aren't done.  More the month of August, I am going to concentrate on those things!  In return, it will finish up some of my posts.

My July posts started on the first, with this post, which you can read and click newer posts to go through the month, if you missed anything.

The weather has been so hot and humid and today's storm arrived early.  I thought it was raining at first but it was just the wind whipping around... then rain.  It's quiet right now.

But I AM missing the beach!  I'm missing just standing there...realizing that I am so small along side of such a giant ocean spanning out as far as I can see.  I miss the sound, the smell, and feeling of great peace I get right there.  It's that feeling of leaving everything else behind.  I hope you will keep in touch on Facebook in the meantime and we'll catch up soon.



  1. I do encourage all who stop by here, to 'like' and enjoy your facebook pages! You share so many wonderful things I'd not have ever seen, so thank you for your time doing it! I've come to learn over the years that we get done, what is supposed to be done in that moment of when it is time to blog, it will flow. Trust in knowing your spirit knows the best course for each day.♥

    I too so love just gazing out at the "openess" of sky and sea(or rather Gulf of Mexico waters in my case) when I am standing on the beach.

    Something inside me comes alive and feels so free to be able to look and not see anything man-made for as far as the eye can see to the horizon. I get the same feeling however just being high up on a hill, or even driving over the top of a high over-pass that gives me an unhindered view of land for miles and miles.

    Blocks. Hindrances. Interference. Delays. Stop signs. There are so many of those that we have to contend with on an hourly basis each day, it's like having a stop sign appear in our brain constantly and denying us free, and unhindered travel. Out on the beach, looking out to the water and sky - there's just open space. To me it fills my soul with "rest", from feeling the sense of 'no boundaries'. Sometimes just having the cage door open is enough for a caged bird...just standing at the door and looking out - and knowing...the restriction has been removed. Standing on the shore and seeing nothing but sky and water, is like momentarily having the cage-door of life swung open and getting a fresh breath of being able to feel the essence of freedom. Even if in reality, I can't fly. I miss the beach too. Actually...any body of water that connects to the sky, and no buildings block the view will suffice.


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