Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Easy to-do from Nate's show

I am always looking for easy inexpensive ways to change things up.  I seem to want to tackle things that are harder, which is where I get frustrated because I usually don't have the tools I need.

 I usually watch The Nate Show on a daily basis.  It comes on CBS at 3 p.m. which is usually rest time.

Easy do-over ideas:

  1. gift wrap over foam core boards cut to size for the back of bookcases, cabinets, drawers
  2. ribbon around a lamp shade; I want to get about a 2 inch wide canvas ribbon to stencil on and update my living room shades
  3. runner
  4. paint...flat for walls and ceilings (Nate's pro) 2 coats
  5. if redoing everything in a room: thrift wood furniture - easy to personalize and made to last.
  6. no sew: wrap and tuck fabric, a sweater around a pillow and use a belt, ribbon, cord, rope to 'tie the package'
  7. recover kitchen/dining room chair cushions with shower curtain; they are made to resist and clean up with damp cloth.

#1.  I didn't use foam core board on my bookcase but I like the idea and may just switch over, one of these days.  When I did this, I just laid the back on the floor, taped the maps and then nailed the back on.

#5.  I have found some great thrift finds as well as a couple of great dumpster finds.  They are made from wood and all have been sturdy enough, but wood can always be glued, nailed, reinforced, sanded and painted!
this wasn't more than $15 at SPCA Thrift; I covered it with maps of
Florida on the top, drawers and 2 sides. I wrapped the handles
with jute string.  Perfect storage in the bath room.
I had this.  It is now a stand for my printer.
I love how this turned out!
It's the drawer on printer table.
dumpster kitchen table
and thrift store chair $15

dumpster table

I had the lazy susan and painted it.
$1 at SPCA Thrift Store
It started off in the bathroom but now is
at home in the living room.

I will attempt to do this again and will follow the directions as I included in this post for you to follow:  Mistake...My attempt at decorative twine!    If you follow the directions, you can have the look of the first picture.  If one the other hand, you do what I did, you will wind up with something like the second picture!!

So there are some ideas to try, if you haven't already.  Most of all, have fun!  Have fun even when it doesn't turn out the way you expected!!

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