Sunday, February 19, 2012

Everything has a story...Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my birthday and having been on a journey of some 56 years, I am finally at the destination where I am supposed to be.  I am happy and thankful.  Oh trust me, the journey is not over and has had lots of detours but I thought today would be a good launching point to move on to my next commitment to me.  Today is the official launch of my blog and companion Facebook page.

I am re-doing my home and my blog will take you along with me.  Everything has a story and each room has a story behind it as well as colors, themes, accessories, etc.  So as I go along, I will share the stories with you.

I live on the Space Coast  of Florida.  Just for the record, there is nothing like seeing a Shuttle launch from your yard.  Now rockets will have to do, but it is something that just never gets old.

So let me start with the PRESENT (no pun intended) and I will fill in the blanks as I go along.  I am currently working on the kitchen (still) because I totally got side tracked over the holidays, although I've been working on other things not so big, inside and out... working on hand painting a kitchen chair now and here we the kitchen.

The kitchen story is my "Once upon a time..." In 2005, I took my first trip out of the country.  I went to Prague, Czech Republic, with my sister for the weekend.  She has traveled the world quite extensively and is a wonderful travel guide.  It was a great experience together and Prague is simply magical and very much like a fairy tale.

While we were there, I bought a painting and that has been my theme ever since. The thing about it is you can't just plug in Prague Decor and come up with ideas or product.  Because the painting is a street bistro on cobblestone streets, I found that the French Bistro Cafe theme worked.

Prague Painting - Kitchen Inspiration

So this is the To-do List:
  • Paint ceiling and walls yellow
  • Paint cabinet doors brighter yellow
  • Replace cabinet knobs with wine cork
  • Add 2 shelves under cabinets, even with stove fan, with decorative (Gothic) brackets
  • Paint Baker's rack
  • Paint Gothic shelves
  • Make cork wreaths
  • Look for coordinating crock for utensils
  • Clear out all other things
  • Make or buy a top for stove (measure to cover all 4 burners)
  • Paint chair
  • Use area rug in living room or outside
  • Fix floor
  • Decide on what to do with floor
  • Fix or replace stove/oven
  • Paint refrigorator Black Board paint (look for French Stencils)
I sketched out how I basically wanted the chair painted.  Lettering on the back Praha (Prague) and Czech it out and the umbrella is because it became a joke that I followed my sister's umbrella in the rain and could spot her in a crowd.  On the seat I want to do something that translates into the (John) Lennon Peace Wall.  Other than that I just wanted it yellow to match the kitchen and other bright colors seen in the painting and all over Prague.


  1. Happy Birthday!!!I am your first follower Pat! Good luck with the blog! I want to go to Prague. I have several friends that have been and say it is magnificent. I have been to Egypt and Greece. Egypt was amazing! Have a great day!

    1. Thank you so much Linda! Yes, how exciting - you ARE my first follower!!! You have been my birthday gift AGAIN! :) I'll share some Prague pictures as I go along with the story but I would go back in a heart beat; to me, it was an amazing story book and my Great-Grandmother was a Czech-Gypsy, according to my Grandfather (her husband)but to me she was just Grandma.

  2. Happy Birthday to you!!! You have a great list of projects - I can't wait to follow along. Also happy you liked the fabric I shared today...hope it works well for your pillows.


    1. Thank you Sally! I have to get better at keeping on track and finish one thing at a time. I'm so glad I've found you and everyone else; you've all been such inpiration and I am so grateful.


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