Thursday, April 12, 2012

Keep on Going

Completely Coastal posted this on Facebook:  Driftwood-insanity-in-the-sunset  It is totally amazing and beautiful.  Completely Coastal is such an inspiration!

I've been outside cleaning out the shed; just finally unpacked my great-grandmother's dishes and glasses (pictures to come) and besides needed to be washed, I want to display at least some in the kitchen.  After all, that's what it is all about... heritage, memories, and they are from Czechoslovakia.

I had gotten fencing that I thought would be easier to cut but NOT!  So I've used one full 15 feet in the front and another along side the patio.  It has pickets but I put it upside down to have a "dune fence" look and staggered hammering them into the ground to give that wavy look...

Besides other plants that I potted, I have some grasses to plant and the other side of the shed to clean up.  There is a glimpse of the fencing behind my 'new' table in yesterday's post.

I'll be popping by but will take pictures later today...meanwhile:

Keep Calm
Keep On Going


  1. Oh, thanks Pat!! I'm so glad you enjoy my site. So... beach on. Am curious about your fence!!

  2. You have no idea! I posted the start of my fence.


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