Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Summer Beachy Wreath

I saw this wreath this week on Home Talk.  I immediately fell in love with it and Debi was nice enough to share some tricks she learned along the way.  Silly things get me excited and I couldn't wait to make this!  Here's my inspiration, Debi's wreath:

Debi's Summer Memories Wreath
Debi's home-decor on hometalk

Debi said to glue the 3 hula hoops together first and then she used fishing line to wrap them together.  I did glue them together, then glued the space in between on one side, when dry, glued the space on the other side.  I did not have fishing line and didn't find any while out shopping so I am using braided twine.  (I may still pick it up if I come across some while out.)

After that, it's just a matter of decorating as you will.  I started with flowers.  I got almost everything at the Dollar Tree; which means everything was a dollar... even what I did get at Dollar General.  The flowers are part of Dollar Tree's Luau section.  I got 3 Laius for a dollar.  I started in the middle, to cover where glued, and wrapped each around the hoops and used hot glue to secure.

Added some accessories:

Now is time to decide and (hot) glue accessories to the hoops.  I got pineapple sunglasses.  Although Debi got margarita glasses, she took the backs off so the would be 'clicking' glasses. I left mine together and used the (over the ear parts) to glue to hoops.  I glued 2 fish facing each other to the hoops.  I got the fish and others at Dollar General for $1.00 each at Christmas time.

I added more but the middle bugged me.  It needed something but what?  I played some's my drinking alligators:

the pair of flip flops with star fish:

The center under the Beach House sign bugged me, so I added a straw hat:

  I still want to  add something to the middle of the hat...

I had a palm tree ornament from Christmas but it has red and green presents at the bottom.  I was starting to get frustrated until I started playing with shells.  I found a shell that was the right size to cover both gifts!!  I found my center piece for the hat! Once I glued the shell to the palm tree and glued the palm tree to the hat, I added a few more shells.  I added 3 necklaces too.

Now is the real test:  will this (biggest) hula hoop be too big for my front door?  I should have checked this in the beginning...oh well.   I stuck a hook, up-side-down on the inside of the door and hooked the braided twine over and TA DA!!!


little flamingo

Tree and Shells

added beads too



I hope you find inspiration during your day.

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