Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool's Day!

I have been primarily working outside this week.  Have been scrubbing outside with bleach and if I can get up and move, I'll finish today.  I started un-potting some aloe (and have the scrapes to prove it) and snake plants and planting along the edge of the patio which totally confused my dog, Heidi.  The spot that she would walk to the yard now has aloe and not a good spot to walk through.  I picked up a 2 ft high fencing that I want to use as dune fencing in my bed room and around the front BUT wound up using it along the patio and now I'm re-teaching her to go down to the other end.  It does have pickets but have put it picket side down so it does look like dune fence.  It has a white wash coat which should fade to gray and then I can seal it.  And I can hang little signs and flip flops and put some shells around.... so now that I have just motivated myself... be continued... with pictures!

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