Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I vow to drink more wine...

There so many wines to choose, white, rose.  Wine is an alcoholic beverage usually made from grapes but can be made from other fruits, such as apples and berries.  Choosing a wine can be time consuming as to Red, White, or Rose... what country... what region, vintage and taste.  Most wine is sold in a glass bottles closed with a cork.  Although bottles are being increasingly closed by other means, 50% of the corks come from Portugal.

I love a nice cool glass or two of wine out side with my feet up enjoying the peacefulness here.  It wasn't until I decided to start using them for crafts and in the kitchen that I realized my pattern, even more so.  I drink wine depending on the bottle and/or the cork.   Since moving to Florida, I have given up some of my favorite Long Island Winery corks, especially Martha Clara Vineyard's cork with her dog and dog bone!!

Cork picture of Bernie

Bernie's Bone

Link for Bernie's Rose'

But I have found that I used my Barefoot Wine bottles and especially the corks too fast so....

and I really want to do a larger version of this:

and come up with some uses to show off my favorite bottles:
I'd love to do a whole wreath with just Barefoot corks and shells, so I'd better start drinking... Have a great evening!!  Cheers!


  1. The barefoot corks are sweet! I have all those pretty bottles lined up in the kitchen. I have seen beer bottles with anchor caps (love the anchor motif)..., but I do prefer wine. Cheers to collecting!

    1. Thank you Maya. I do prefer wine too and have saved a couple of beer bottles and Land Shark caps. I'll have to look for anchors...strage how I shop these days.


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