Sunday, March 4, 2012


You Are My Sunshine (in Czech - above sink)

I have just about finished straightening out the kitchen, although there is still a short list to do.  I can now go in and find counter space to fix something and get to the sink to wash dishes (no I am the dishwasher).  And I can admire my kitchen.  So here are some pictures and some stories:

all 3 drawers in my kitchen
with corks for knobs

top cabinets above the sink
with cork wreaths and knobs

above the refrigerator

I have been saving corks as long as I can remember.  I was surprised as to how many I used up but still had enough to fill my wine glass.  I'll move the "fish lips" stein and Margarita glass when I figure out the living room but for now it'll do.

I really wasn't sure about leaving this shelf black but with the wall decor and appliances it seemed to work out.  What  do you think?  The boxes were bought a few years back with the Paris store fronts on them.  One has clothe napkins, the other dish towels.

I used to have a bunch of wicker baskets that hung on my wall in the dining room.  Whenever I needed a bread basket, I'd take one down put a clothe napkin in and pass the bread!  When done, it went back on the wall.  So one in this picture, another on the other side of the window.  The picture to the left is a copy of a watercolor my sister got in Prague and to the right, 4 postcards of street lights in Prague.  The gold rimmed green bowls were my great grandmother's.

The straw bag.... a gift from my sister.  I think from her trip to Thailand.... holds store plastic bags... and my little inside palm tree.

I was looking at a picture of a crown and was wondering about decorating the tips of the pickets and where a nail would be with flat gems.  What do you think?

The top plate was made by my son in school.  The next two plates were my French Great- Grandmother's but made in Czechoslovakia.  The man praying over his simple meal is something another Grandmother had in her kitchen.  The photograph, "Grace" was taken in 1918, by Eric Enstrom of a Bovey, Minnesota resident, Charles Wilden.  He was a poor shoe scrapper salesman.  In 2002, "Grace" was designated as the official state photograph... There are Czech coins, a kitchen witch and two Babushka dolls from Prague. In the corner there are a couple of toys from Prague too.  I'll try to remember to get a closer picture.

For more information and the history of "Grace" go to:

I was going to put a shelf on both sides of the fan but had these boxes and used them.  Holds salt and pepper and timer.
The store front plagues worked above the stove.
And this is my son's stool.  It is over 32 years old.  I wanted all the scuffs but you couldn't read the words or see the pictures.  I took a bright yellow and mixed with a lot of water, painted it on so it went in the grooves and wiped the paint off right away.   Cute again.


I don't want to totally bore you with every picture I took but I will have more pictures on my Facebook page, Journey's End at the Beach.  I hope you'll stop by and "like" it.


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