Thursday, March 1, 2012

Once upon a time there was Prague...

I am so excited!  It is almost done and the only reason it isn't is because I am tired and an aching puppy!!  I am drinking allot more coffee and taking allot more breaks but it's almost done... and I am loving it and so very pleased every step of the way and the closer to done I get.

Sun shiny and bright!
I spend allot of time in my living room and can't help but smile when I look straight ahead at the kitchen.  It is just so sunny, bright and yellow... sun shiny days, thoughts and songs just fill my head.  Although it has been just about 6 years since my sister and I went to Prague, I can step right back there in the kitchen and in my mind.  I hope she has as pleasant memories as I do.

My mother's grandmother's family was from Czechoslovakia.   During World War II Czechoslovakia fell under Nazi control.  In the county of Bohemia, a concentration camp was established in Terzin.  We did go there, but cut it short, because it was sadder than words can explain.  The country side was still lovely.  Fields after fields, animals grazing, a peaceful life now is what you imagine.  Later, liberated by the Russians.  On 1 January 1993, the Czech Republic (Czechia) and the Slovak Republic (Slovakia) were simultaneously and peacefully founded. (wikipedia)

My idea of Prague is:  if you open up a fairy tale, probably a Disney book, open up those double shuttered windows and right in front of you is the grand castle and the kingdom...that was the view from our hotel sitting room window! Prague Castle!

Reds, orange, yellows, greens and blues colored this magic city.  The architecture was simply grand!  There is architecture from many periods of history, starting with Gothic, but everything just blends in and nothing looks out of place.  A Catholic nation, the churches are fitting for a church and abbey in the Sound of Music (but wrong country).

There is so much more I would love to share.  I would love to go back and I'd highly recommend it to everyone! 

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