Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Beach Memories ~ My Bath Room

This is MY beach!  This has been as far as you can walk. 
If you look in the distance, there is a shuttle on the launch pad.

I have yet to live more than a half hour away from an ocean, with a brief year in Orlando, Florida, on a lake.  Cocoa Beach is Orlando's beach.  I grew up and lived my life on the south shore of Long Island, New York, and could walk most of the time to a beach.

Bar on the pier
at Cocoa Beach

Besides the local town beaches there were a few favorites with great memories.  I don't know why I remember, but I do.  I used to go to Hot Dog Beach, which is on Dune Road in Hampton Bays, NY, with my Grandmother. (It is now Tiana Beach.) She was a swimmer in her day and by today's standards she would have been an Olympic swimmer.  She loved the beach.  For a while as I grow up I thought maybe I just called it Hot Dog Beach because we got hot dogs for lunch and ice cream too.  It was a fun time to build sand castles with Gramma.

Hot Dog Beach, NY

And of course the Hampton's are now known
for ABC's "Revenge"!

My Dad's mom lived in Port Washington, NY.  It's located on the north shore of Long Island.  If you drove through the gates into Sands Point, you could get a good look of the New York skyline.  Sands Point is know for the 1920's Gold Coast Era (Great Gatsby).  Every summer the Park would close for a town family beach party.  All kinds of food and drink, music and races and just general beachy fun!

Beach at Sands Point

When I was young, we were in Sayville visiting my aunt, uncle and cousins.  It was winter and we were out in the snow when my cousin decided he could walk on water!  He fell through the ice on the Great South Bay and somehow I managed to carry his limp-ish body back.  He was fine.

Great South Bay

There is Jones Beach.  My cousin and I decided to take the bus there.  We had bus fare for there and back, but we spent the "back" money at the refreshment stand.  We decided to walk back until this car pulled over and offered a ride.  Like two inexperienced young girls, we accepted.  Dumb move.  We got into the back seat of a two door car, with two older boys blasting heavier rock than we listened to.  One pulled out a pretty large knife and started keeping the beat and drumming the knife on the dash board.  That was it.  After we got over the draw bridge we started yelling to pull over, let us out!!  We finally got out and started walking.  With that another car pulled over.  The window came down and a woman told us, in no uncertain terms, to get in.  Just as we did, those boys came back.  She wound up driving us back to our grandmother's house (because we were too afraid to go back to her house).  The woman had seen us walking and then getting out of the car when she was dropping her daughter and friends at the beach and came back for us.  As I remember it, she told us all the reasons why we should never do that again...I never did!  I did get one heck of a sun burn that day.

Dunes at Jones Beach
(taken by my aunt)

Then there's North Captiva Island, Florida.  This is where I knew and decided I was moving back to Florida.  It was 2005 and I spent my sister and her husband's 25th wedding anniversary with them and their family there for a week right on the beach.  It was absolutely peaceful and beautiful.  Sunrise and sunset was beautiful but the very best was at those times the dolphins and their babies were at the beach eating and playing.  Of course we went to Sanibel too and learned the Sanibel Shuffle!  We carried on (the airplane) more shells home then luggage.

via North Captiva Island FB page
My poster size North Captiva photo in living room.

Beach Memories is actually the name of the bath accessories by Croscill, that I bought when I knew I was moving.  I have some beach pictures in there, but I realized I have more of the dogs in the bathroom.  I'll have to work on that.





right side
left side

and the top...with my NASA ash tray.

the "Beach Memories" have
photos of children on the beach.
Nate Berkus Candle Stick filled
with shells.

a North Captiva photo
taken by my brother-in-law
I love the bathroom however after posting some of these pictures, I've decided to print some and frame for the "memories".  Hope you enjoyed.  Have a great day! ~ pat

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