Saturday, February 22, 2014

loving my screened in patio!!

There is nothing like living in Florida and being able to enjoy the outside at any time.

From the time I moved in here, I have wanted a screened in patio....AND I finally have it!!  I am in love with it, very happy, very excited to spend days and nights just enjoying and looking forward to making it a comfy cozy hang out!

Right now, I am making due with what I have but I will be on the look out for comfy furniture for out there and will be bringing some of my furniture from inside to outside.  What I am thinking about is a futon or something like that for curling up for a nap. 

screened in

looking in from the outside

from the inside

softens up the view

Heidi enjoys the fresh air too

curtains all up...

I love the curtains!  They weren't exactly what I thought they were going to be, but they work, and the do what I want them to do without blocking the breeze.  I thought they were more of a fish net material, but they are actually more like (bridal) veiling. They come as a pair, and each panel is 98L x 110W.  The length was perfect and having worked as a 'window specialist' before, I had hoped that doubling the width would be enough but I wound up tripling it in the front and front sides, and left a single panel to pull across the doors when needed (at night).  Here is the link for IKEA LILL Sheer curtains, 1 pair.  I used 8 pair to do my patio and even with shipping twice, it was more affordable then anything else I could find.

Need to clean up a bit and set up for some coffee in the morning, some painting in the afternoon, and wine in the evening!   Stay tuned for some decorating!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Happy February 3rd Morning!! UP-DATED!

I hope everyone had a great weekend where ever you are...

I did, just because it is warmer again... the rain left some dampness and my joints weren't as happy as they could have been, but I made the most of it and even sat on my screened in patio and enjoyed some time just being still.

A couple of days ago,  Paintin Place in Belmar, NJ  made an announcement.  Sherry and Joel are looking for someone to take over their business and they are moving to the Palm Coast of Florida!  Sherry will be starting a business in Florida,  The Colossal Mermaid.  They are embarking on a new journey that has been a dream till now, life as a mermaid.

UP-DATE:  Sherry has started a page: Refunk Your Junk She is documenting the DIY and decorating of their new home... you have to see the great things she is doing!!

I am so very happy for Sherry, I can't tell you how much.  Over the years, she has been nothing but giving and supportive to myself and so many other people that have found their passion and many beginning and grown their own businesses.  It's been an amazing journey so far.

"Selfishly" I am so excited with their move.... they will be so much closer.  I am trying to get my own health in order right now but now my hope is expanded to finally meet this wonderful woman and hopefully take some of her classes!!  And I want to get back into painting furniture and she has the best paint!!

2014 is bringing changes to many people and it just expanded my own horizons too.  Many people are going to miss her in New Jersey but I am so excited she will be walking in flip flops real soon.  I hope you will "Like" her pages and follow along her new journey from one beach to the other.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

It's February!!!


It's a new day... a new month... a new week-end.... working on a new life!!

January was a cool month even in  Florida.  It wasn't as bad, of course, as the rest of the country but it was bad enough.   Cold does not sit well with my joints, so it made it an extra pain in the neck to deal with but...

the good news is, I've been seeing a couple of new doctors that agree that someone should not have to live in pain 24/7!!!  I originally thought my only solution was surgery but the surgeon and I are working on some other options first, which is fine with me. 

My patio is enclosed!  I am so excited about that and am looking forward to it being my outside hang-out with Heidi.  I've ordered the curtains and can't wait now for them to come and get hung.  As I go along, I'll be replacing  the outdoor resin furniture with some comfy pieces and maybe even a futon for sleeping under the stars on those summer nights.

I'm still painting and came up with an idea that I hopes works out.... if it does, you know I'll be sure  to show you... and at that point it will be available in my Etsy Shop (which is on vacation for re-vamping and re-stocking).

AND last but not least, I got a stove!  Which means:  one thing leads to another!!!  I can't even begin to tell you whats going on, because I'm not sure but I have to paint the wall where the refrigerator used to be!

Enjoy your DAY!  your WEEKEND!!   your MONTH!!!  and work on HOW you WANT to FEEL!!!  I'm feeling good....excited about what has been happening here and what's in store for this month!