Saturday, February 1, 2014

It's February!!!


It's a new day... a new month... a new week-end.... working on a new life!!

January was a cool month even in  Florida.  It wasn't as bad, of course, as the rest of the country but it was bad enough.   Cold does not sit well with my joints, so it made it an extra pain in the neck to deal with but...

the good news is, I've been seeing a couple of new doctors that agree that someone should not have to live in pain 24/7!!!  I originally thought my only solution was surgery but the surgeon and I are working on some other options first, which is fine with me. 

My patio is enclosed!  I am so excited about that and am looking forward to it being my outside hang-out with Heidi.  I've ordered the curtains and can't wait now for them to come and get hung.  As I go along, I'll be replacing  the outdoor resin furniture with some comfy pieces and maybe even a futon for sleeping under the stars on those summer nights.

I'm still painting and came up with an idea that I hopes works out.... if it does, you know I'll be sure  to show you... and at that point it will be available in my Etsy Shop (which is on vacation for re-vamping and re-stocking).

AND last but not least, I got a stove!  Which means:  one thing leads to another!!!  I can't even begin to tell you whats going on, because I'm not sure but I have to paint the wall where the refrigerator used to be!

Enjoy your DAY!  your WEEKEND!!   your MONTH!!!  and work on HOW you WANT to FEEL!!!  I'm feeling good....excited about what has been happening here and what's in store for this month!

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