Saturday, January 18, 2014

One step further....

I took my Core Desire Feelings (CDF) one step further.  I took the words and broke them down more into  the meanings that resonate with me and what I am trying to accomplish, or  FEELINGS I want to feel.  Once again, here's my list:

The picture I choose has just as much meaning as the the words. For the past few years, as much as I love the beach, I've had a feeling of being under water... sometimes, drowning ... I am planning and hoping that as I go along this part of the journey, I will break through the surface and into the light again!

 alive ~ being animately exisent; being active, full of life; awake ~ conscious, alert

peaceful ~ friendly, serene, tranquil, quiet, calm

focused ~ aim attention at; concentrate; attract; think about closely, gather, collect

creative ~ artistic, imaginative; productive, constructive, rewarding

excited ~ inspired; delighted, enthusiastic, passionate

joyful ~ happy; upbeat, pleasurable, cheerful

For me, I think working on being alive is my first CDF that encompasses all that I want to be and to work on.  It has to do allot more with my health than I would think and I think after that, once I get a grip on that, everything will fall into place.  I have an appointment with a new doctor on Tuesday and that's my start...

I started my day by listening to the audio of Start the New You Now! and think I will listen to it every morning until it all completely sinks in... or I become more focused!  It's subject is: Desire Mapping for Your Heart and Soul.

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