Monday, September 3, 2012

The day I decided to talk to a chair!

There are things that just hit me and lodge in my brain and an old man talking to an empty chair is one of them.  Before you say anything, I don't really care if he made sense to you.  To me, as he stammered, I was genuinely concerned for Clint Eastwood, and seriously wondered if he was OK.  But he was and in keeping my sense of humor, I'd like to tell you the story about "The day I decided to talk to a chair".

My chair, was a boring white Adirondack chair that sits on my patio.  I have been working on my patio since I moved in here and have been trying to add color as I go along.  I don't mean to hurt my chair's feelings but white just doesn't cut it!  I love the Margaritaville painted chairs but they are out of my league.

So over the Labor Day weekend, Sunday to be exact, I went outside with my coffee to have a talk with my chair!

I started by washing it off... and as I am bent over scrubbing, I hear this fluttering sound...I think I hear voices too... over head!  I'm talking to my chair and I hear voices... happy, excited voices!  Oh I losing it??

I look around and look up... 

 Oh thank God!!!  I love watching them slowly and almost aimlessly float around and head down below the trees... It's not something I would ever consider doing at this point but I so enjoy watching them.

Skydive Space Center

It was a perfect day for jumping and even perfect for watching!

So back to my chair... 
we were talking about how...Life is good.

and I thought... what a sunny day...

and beautiful clear blue skies....

just a wonderful glow of the sun.....

and wonderful sandy beaches....

and as we talked, my chair and I, we decided we needed a "little palm tree in our world"...

swaying in the tropical breeze....

and remembering that Life is good.

There are birds in "our" sky...

And my dog and I decided to take a walk along the beach, and of course she had to run around the waters edge!

As it was such a beautiful day, gentle waves rippled...

Happy Labor Day!!

So when I went out this morning, to check on my chair, and took a look... it needed a dune fence and some grass along the beach side.

and some grass along the arms...

As I looked....
I decided, it needed just one more thing....

But what??



The above picture and saying is borrowed from Paintin Place Decorative Art Studio, who, after the 2 chairs I've completed, has inspired me to do a mural in my bedroom!

  I shared this on the DIY Project Parade.


  1. I am soooo proud of you... please post your pics on my page! Sherry of Joel and Sherry's Paintin PLace.

  2. I buried my kitty Oreo today, LONG before his old age. I've been thinking of doing a quiet spot in my TN garden. This chair idea is right up my alley. Thanks for making me smile.

    1. I am so sorry about Oreo. A happy chair in a quiet garden would be wonderful. Keep smiling.

  3. I really love this! Could you tell me what paints you use for this? thanks

    1. I used Krylon spray paints for the background, Rustoleum Textured Paint for the sand, Folk Art acrylic paints and sealed with Krylon Clear.

  4. I think I know what I'm doing this weekend!!!! Never thought of painting my plastic adirondacks! Thank you so much for the inspiration!

    1. Thank you and you're welcome!
      Just remember it is paint and the worse thing that can happen is you try over again but HAVE FUN!

  5. There is now a quick YouTube Video of this:

  6. I found this post on Pinterest and loved it! I'm attempting to replicate it for a year-end teacher gift. I never would have tried this without your wonderful step-by-step directions and photos! I'm done with the background, and I'm trying my hand with the tree now. Thank you so much! This is beautiful!

    1. What a great teacher's gift!! I am so glad you are doing it and happy the steps help... please share a picture when you are done... I'm on Facebook too if it's easier to share there.
      I still love mine! Don't forget to use a clear sealer when you're done. :)


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