Monday, September 10, 2012

Please Light a Candle at 8pm Tonight

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day.  Please support the day by lighting a candle in memory of my cousin, Laura, who will be forever 20 and is greatly missed daily by her family and friends.

In April, my best friend's daughter also took her life.  She left behind a beautiful daughter, family and friends too.

I ask that you become aware of the issue but most of all become aware of the people around you.  These days are not easy for anyone, and suicide has no age limits, and it doesn't matter what is going on around you.  

As a survivor, please assure any one and everyone you know going through a bad time that it does get better.  Nothing stays the same.  Tomorrow is a new day.  There is help out there.  Never blow off a threat.  If you must be the one to call for help than do it.  But on the other side, realize that you couldn't have stopped it at that moment.  The pain was so great, you could not take it away and the only way out, at that time, in their mind, was to end it.  You didn't know.

For more information:
Putting a Face on Suicide 

International Association for Suicide Prevention

Please stay strong.

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