Tuesday, September 4, 2012


How will YOU Honor ... Who will you honor?

 I will honor the memory of that day quietly at home in Florida.  I know I will be flooded with memories of that day and the days...weeks and months, years, that followed.  On a beautiful September day 2,977 people died and thousands upon thousands of people's lives would never ever be the same. 

So much we took for granted would be tested, remembered and I think it is time to be reminded and reunited.

People, for no other reason, went to work and about their business as any other day, died.  I mean this with the utmost respect, these "people" are loved ones to someone.  They were mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, partners, boyfriends and girlfriends, friends, all leaving that empty chair at the table.  I have prayed for them often.

The Firemen that answered that very first call to the towers ran in to a building on fire, as they were trained to do, as they were passing people running out.  I can't tell you how the deaths that day of 343 firemen changed my prospective of their job. I found a new appreciation for the job they do everyday for each one of us.  And those 343 men left behind many loved ones.  I pray for them and their families, as well as all active firemen.

I won't forget Father Judge either, who took off his helmet to pray over someone else and was killed.

Just for being at work that day too, Port Authority and New York Police Officers were killed that day too.  The very people that there to protect and serve, died in the line of duty.

184 people that went to work at the Pentagon died, as well as 40 people on Flight 93....

Just an ordinary day for 2,977 people and counting.


Definition of HONOR

a : good name or public esteem : reputation b : a showing of usually merited respect : recognition <pay honor to our founder>
: privilege <had the honor of joining the captain for dinner>
: a person of superior standing —now used especially as a title for a holder of high office <if Your Honor please>
: one whose worth brings respect or fame : credit <an honor to the profession>
: the center point of the upper half of an armorial escutcheon
: an evidence or symbol of distinction: as a : an exalted title or rank b (1) : badge, decoration (2) : a ceremonial rite or observance <buried with full military honors> c : an award in a contest or field of competition d archaic : a gesture of deference : bow e plural (1) : an academic distinction conferred on a superior student (2) : a course of study for superior students supplementing or replacing a regular course
: chastity, purity <fought fiercely for her honor and her life — Barton Black>
a : a keen sense of ethical conduct : integrity <a man of honor> b : one's word given as a guarantee of performance <on my honor, I will be there>
plural : social courtesies or civilities extended by a host <asked her to do the honors>
a (1) : an ace, king, queen, jack, or ten especially of the trump suit in bridge (2) : the scoring value of honors held in bridge —usually used in plural b : the privilege of playing first from the tee in golf

Examples of HONOR

  1. These people deserve to be treated with honor.
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  3. The building was named in honor of the city's founder.
  4. He was prepared to fight to defend his family's honor.
  5. She has a keen sense of honor.
  6. He would not do it as a matter of honor.
  7. He's a man of honor.
  8. It was an honor to be invited.
  9. Many of the Persians, despite belonging to the Barbarian Other, come off with honor and dignity in his pages, even during the final narrative of Xerxes' invasion. —Peter Green, New York Review of Books, 15 May 2008

Origin of HONOR

Middle English, from Anglo-French onur, honur, from Latin honos, honor
First Known Use: 13th century

Synonym Discussion of HONOR

honor, homage, reverence, deference mean respect and esteem shown to another. honor may apply to the recognition of one's right to great respect or to any expression of such recognition <the nomination is an honor>. homage adds the implication of accompanying praise <paying homage to Shakespeare>. reverence implies profound respect mingled with love, devotion, or awe <great reverence for my father>. deference implies a yielding or submitting to another's judgment or preference out of respect or reverence <showed no deference to their elders>.

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