Wednesday, May 22, 2013

WOW! It's been awhile!!


I just saw how much of a while it has been... and I have been busy and doing one thing after the other and  allot is still not done.  Some things are done for now and I hope you follow along on Facebook to keep up with the zigs and zags.

Sometimes one thing leads to another, sometimes money gets in the way, sometimes my physical limitations get in the way or slow me down but there is always and still plenty to do....

I have taken on projects that I NEVER dreamed I would!  Living on my own and a limited income is not a dream when hiring someone to do the work...even when they say they what's a woman to do?  DO IT YOURSELF!!!  And I have been.  I decided to write specific posts on the things I've done and completed, with the good, bad and the ugly.  I live in a mobile home, and let me tell you:  I love it BUT it is nothing like a house!  Wait till you  see and I explain as I go along...  I figure that I will win the lottery AFTER I finish everything!

OK so here is what's been going on is:
  • Replaced the hot water heater element after waiting about 6 months for a man to do it!  Every time I asked, he said he forgot...even in Florida, cool showers get boring! IT WAS EASY!! 
  • Replaced the hall floor with my own Boardwalk!
  • Took down the inside wall in a room and took a wall down completely.
  • Rewire (?) a hall light and move wiring.
  • Lay down a plywood floor and stained; painting an area rug on top.
  • Stained walls to match floor, hung a cabinet above the washer and dryer, painting mural on the hall wall(s).

These things are coming up next:
  • Taking out the electric heater and making  a linen closet;
  • Replacing a section of ceiling where I ripped it up looking for a leak!
  • Taking down the 2 cabinets above the bar between the living room and kitchen.
  • Hanging a bamboo ceiling in the living room.
  • Lay a new floor in the kitchen.
  • Enclose the patio with lattice.
  • Never ending landscaping!
  • Paint outside.
  • Finish painting my shed.
You know as well as I do, the list goes on and on....


  1. I love following your journey there in FL. You are very inspiring as I love the "beach theme", too! Keep up the good work and keep those pics coming as you really inspire your fans. ;-)

    1. Thank you Deb!! I'm almost ready to get back on track!!


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