Saturday, May 18, 2013

Moving right along...

For those who follow and those who just stop by, it has been a very busy few months!  To get a better idea of what I've been doing, I hope you'll follow me on Facebook: Journey's End...

Meanwhile, I think this is how it's been going:
  • had to rip up hall floor and replaced with Arkansas Pine boards stained with 2 different 'Driftwood' colored stains... I LOVE IT!
  • then, I discovered a leak from the roof through the ceiling dripping on my new floor!!  damn!!
  • tried to find leak, had the roof re-sealed, and before I repair the ceiling in 2 spots, I'm praying it is fixed.
  • once I got the hall and washer and dryer re-situated it was time to empty the spare room, which had become the dumping room.  That was crazy!
  • I took the wall down going into that room; laid plywood down for the floor; stained it the lighter driftwood color; and I'm currently throwing out, sorting, organizing, putting away, so I can have a workable space for an office and studio.
  • Meanwhile, I also started a beach scene mural down the entire hallway and a souvenir map on the left wall left (closet on other side)  These still need more work.
And this is what I have to do:

  • Finish sorting and putting away and call the SPCA Thrift Store for a pick up of my useless things; 
  • Finish the murals;
  • Paint an area rug on the floor;
  • Do SOMETHING with a small section of hall floor;
  • Finish yard clean up;
  • Paint outside;
  •  Paint a house-name sign for someone!
get my groove back to painting pictures and open an on-line store ....

We are getting into our HOT season so anything to do with outside has to do with working around the heat.  I just wanted you to know that I didn't forget about you but I've been very busy!!

Hoping all is well with you!!

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