Sunday, April 14, 2013

Opening Pandora's Box...

This post has and will be a process.  I'm sure I could sit and just write it from the heart but... it requires steps for me to take and follow through with.  I've been taking steps along this journey and have been acknowledging the steps along the way.  Some I have shared, some not so much.  I have been making conscious decisions to live, for me, a good life.  For me that better life is a life within my means, enjoying the things I have, loving the friends and family that love me,  respect and accept me...

I turned a page in the chapter and ended a phase of my journey in June... If you missed it, you can read it here.  It doesn't mean I am no longer a mother, that my years as a mother are wiped out.  It just was time to move on and take care of  me.  This is what I ended that post with:

I AM that which has emerged from the fire... I am and YOU are too...whatever fire you are emerging from...

So that was June, and I've been busy taking the journey in different directions.  I was trying to really clean out my shed.  I wanted to make space for all my crafting supplies, see what's new to donate to a Chinese Auction we're having, see what I can re purpose, what I can sell at a yard sale and then donate to a community garage sale... you get the idea!  I am in the process of cleaning and clearing and most definitely letting go!

This is kinda what the process looks like:

It WAS exhausting!  But it was a part of "letting go"  and letting go I did.  I filled the back of my truck twice and to the dumpster.  I did get allot done and have allot more to do.  

This was written January 22, 2013 and will be continued....


  1. Hi... I'm so proud of you!!

    I so have to do the exact same thing!... and am fixing to start on that journey. Just now have gotten to the stage of mental and emotional 'wellness' to be ready to dig in and do it. I've been feeling for the last few months now that it was time to 'let go of the old'... as in, the past. And I'm fully ready to do that, finally. Because, I'm ready to let my 'new' be start the birthing process. And I want to make room for "her" to come out and have plenty of room to express her self with new decorating ideas, new style of clothes and just full freedom of self-expression.

    I totally know how exhausting it was. If you are anything like me, it was exhausting mentally and emotionally. With each little step forward I have made in the past couple of years, it would take me weeks to rest from it. My brain had to assess and absorb the change. I took stuff off a shelving unit, to move the unit, and I got it moved - and that's as far as I got. It was like it took everything out of me to 'rock the boat' by moving forward. But now I'm tired of the piles i the living room and on the coffee table, so time to do some more moving of stuff! But I also get tired physically too, and have to pace myself to keep from hurting my knee etc etc...

    Since I have not had a car for 2 years, I have not been to my 10x10 storage unit in 2 years, and it is packed to the ceiling, literally. And I actually miss some of the stuff in there. I have not seen or used my holiday decorations. I have no idea if mice might have been in there and eaten my boxes of papers But, it's on my list to get over there soon before it gets too hot.

    Letting go is a good thing. And I'm getting better at it with each passing day. Because I want empty space, to welcome in the good new things coming my way! And they are coming to you too! Hugs and love to you. You can make it!

    1. And I AM PROUD OF YOU TOO!!

      Yes, I get it, it is an exhausting process and sometimes overwhelming but it is so worth it... it is just the journey :)

      We're in this together... hugs and love right back to ya!


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