Monday, June 25, 2012

Part 3 Becoming Living Room Proud~ To-do's

Things to finish up

I am so happy with my living room... am I making you sick yet?  I hope not.  It is just about done-done.  I still have to paint the ceiling and finish some projects, keep organizing and enjoy.  I wanted to share some more of my fix-its.

OK, I have this TV/stereo stand.  It is extremely inexpensive (cheap),  silver, assembly required and I don't think I needed tools!  I was going to paint it white but while the coat of primer was drying, I decided to go aqua as all the other tables are.  I wound up using an exterior paint and it covered nicely.

I had to cover those silver legs, so I started wrapping with jute and a dot of hot glue here and there.  I ran out of jute here but hope to finish today.   I'm going to add shells too.

I started covering this trunk with tourist maps and brochures but ran out so I have to hit up a tourist stand.  I really thought I had more.

I'm thinking about covering the front of the 4 couch pillows in the yellow and aqua material (pictured above).  There is enough to do it for now, maybe I'll find fabric I love before I get to this stage.

That's it for now.  I'm already working on 'before and after' pictures.  What a difference!

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