Sunday, June 10, 2012

UP-DATE on living room with BONUS!

Have I lost it or not?

The other night, I felt so much better after getting un-stuck!  I can't tell you how much better I felt, I told my mother, I was determined to finish painting the living room.

My wonderful niece was back in the hospital (in New York) with contractions.   The doctor decided that she would have her daughter (her second child) that night.  I wound up playing 'Words With Friends' in between contractions!  I was so excited, I was no longer tired!!  I was getting more and more excited and more and more AWAKE!  Besides playing, we started sending instant messages... when she got to 5cm, they would brake her water.  Well she skipped 5 and at 6cm, she wrote: I was the first to know and here we go...

BONUS!!  ----->>

Isn't she lovely!?!
 Madison Rose was born at 6:45 AM and it was almost as good as being there!  I was so excited and had started drinking coffee earlier I stayed close to the computer for pictures.

I was awake now!  So it was time to get started on finishing up the living room... don't know where this came from, but it just suddenly appeared!  Just like that!!

The yellow is coming and continuing from the kitchen; under the cabinets across and then extends up and down like a lighthouse beam!
What do you think??

So, truth be told, I am running low on "Going My Way" aqua paint and determined to finish, I decided to continue with this light beam on the other side of the window... something like this:

 AND it really has that folded (?) or curved look in person!?  So I am trying to get pumped full of coffee to get moving again... and moving things out of my way again!

I hope you are following along on this journey...I'm never sure where we are going but it's all good!!

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