Thursday, June 7, 2012

Need some advice?

I wrote another piece about Ocean Styles Beach Decor, What is your Ocean Style?, in case you missed it.  It has some wonderful inspiration and products from them that I hope you will check out.

Who couldn't use some advice?!  Especially when it is coming from the OCEAN and/or the SUN!!
I love these pillows!  Besides the fact that they would go so nicely in my living room (my forever project, it seems!), whatever way I go with my bedroom they would go nicely there too!  They combine my love for the beach with positive reinforcement.
I saw this post the other day and went back again today and thought, "I have to share these with you...":

We have two brand new pillows just listed today - Advice From The Sun and Advice From The Ocean. I love their charming word play "advice" printed on the reverse side. Find them here:
Take Time to Relax and Coast

Be sure of yourself.
Come out of your shell.
Avoid pier pressure.
Sea life's beauty.
Don't get tide down.
Make waves!

And that, my explorers, is my advice for this stage of the journey...

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