Saturday, June 1, 2013

Atlantic Hurricane Season Begins

The 2013 Hurricane Season booklets, lists, and shows are available for the Hurricane Preparedness.

  Channel 6 News Orlando had a special last night and a wealth of information.  If you didn't see it and are interested, there is a wealth of information here.

Here you can download the Hurricane Survival Guide from WESH 2.  As anyone can tell you, you just don't know what is going to happen during hurricane season.  And it's a good year if you aren't in it's path.  I wasn't here for the 1994 season but the local people that were, were still talking to me about it during the 1998 season when Tropical Storm Fay sat on top of us day after day.  I was encouraged to and have prepared every season since moving to Florida.  My logic is simple:  If I am prepared, I'll be OK; If I am not prepared the worst is bound to happen.  Prepare for the worst and Pray for the best!

Here is a Hurricane Check List that is simple and clear.  Local 6 Orlando advises supplies for 14 days.  There are tips every where, but what I'd like to share are some that I have learned over my few years here and those that I shared with my mother on Long Island as she prepared for Sandy last year.


Create an emergency stash ... Hurricane season runs from June 1st through November 30th.  What I found is check expiration dates on anything and everything... canned goods, non-perishables, even batteries.  Speaking of which, I found named batteries work better when you need them than dollar store or off brands...especially in an emergency when you really need them.  They tell you to prepare a minimum of 3 days, per person, but don't forget your pets too.  Make sure you have enough water; a gallon per person/per day.  That could be gallon containers or individual bottles and don't for the dog or cat's water too.

This year I am going to keep a plastic container with my stash... after checking everything I've learned, it will contain:
  • a 5 pound bag of dry dog food for my Chihuahua,  a bag of treats,and a bag of those "calming treats".
  • 2 cases of bottled water for us.
  • Containers of milk that don't need to be refrigerated until opened.
  • Powdered milk and powered coffee creamer.
  • Instant coffee... a camping coffee pot.
  • Instant hot chocolate.
  • Cans of tuna
  • Cans of soup.
  • Cans of beans for bean salad
  • Peanut butter and jelly, Pop-tarts, granola bars..
  • a manual can opener, paper plates, bowls, cups
  • flash lights and batteries 
At the same time, I will check and move my gas barbq to the patio; check the amount of charcoal in the shed (I have a small charcoal grill too that I decided may come in handy.)  Check what batteries I need for my emergency radio, my crank radio, flash lights....
Another tip:  hurricane season is not a good time to over load your freezer with food for months unless you know for sure you'll use it or have a generator.  I learned the very hard way during a power outage that lasted a couple of days!

BEFORE A STORM:  With the forecast of a hurricane headed in our direction, there are still days to prepare but hopefully you've already started.

  • Go over your stash... check the expiration dates; what else will you need?  Milk, bread, (throw a loaf in the freezer) MEDICATIONS (call the pharmacy for refills) cigarettes (or is this a good opportunity to quit?) wine (Hurricane Party supplies) junk food?
  • Gather supplies: radios, batteries, candles
  • Make and bag ice ahead of time.
  • Fill extra containers with water (for flushing, washing)
  • Put outside furniture and decorations away.
  • FILL the car with gas
  • Get some CASH
  • Pack a GO BAG, just in case.
  • I have a harness for my dog and up-date tags and a leash; poop bags, t-shirt, calming pills and a carry bag ready to go.  She won't be a happy camper!
PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR LOCAL NEWS AND WEATHER REPORTS TRACKING THE STORM...BUT...try not to get so engrossed by the reports that you are ready for the nutty house.  Sometimes you need to get your mind off it and do something else because conditions change and paths change.  When it gets close and it is time for you to do something, you don't want to be so overwhelmed that you are stuck and can't move... I do hope you know what I mean.

Everyone's situation is different:
  • do you live in a mobile home, evacuate.
  • do you live in a flood zone?
  • do you live on or near the water?
Also, it was said somewhere at sometime, this is not the time to be sleeping in the nude; sleep in something comfortable but so you are ready to jump out of bed and leave!  Have your car packed by this point to evacuate at a moments notice, including some pillows and blankets.  

Follow the directions of your local authorities....

just remember:

good luck!

Memorial Day Week-end 2012

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