Saturday, June 22, 2013

BEWARE if I have a spray can in my hand!!

I'm just throwing this post together real quick so if you need any more information leave a comment or ask on Facebook.

I love this chair!  The day I decided to talk to a chair.  Just love it! 

Here are some pictures too for you to check out:

The picture above is one of the Margaritaville chairs I have drooled over for years but too far from my price range.

But as done in the past, DYI out of necessity I started with the children's size Adirondack  (resin) chair :

That wound up being painless so I graduated to an adult size Adirondack chair and I love it!

I've used spray paint for backgrounds of paintings and signs to push out for a craft fair... the secret is out!

And of course of used it to freshen up and change things up with a pop of color:

And the shed is a work in progress... started with spray paint for background and acrylic paints for the details...

This is what's left of my arsenal of spray paints!  Time for more ideas and more paints!!

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