Sunday, June 3, 2012

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Usually I notice exterior doors more than interior doors.  That could simply be that walking or driving by, that's what you see and either it invites you in or not.  I like older doors.  I understand that doors are now made of different materials to withstand the different elements of weather but I don't find that they now have the charm of older doors.  I don't know why they can't design them to look that way.  If you look at doors, especially from a time gone by, there is such charm...the wood, the patina, the hardware!  Some hardware is so ornate but when you actually look at it and it's detail, you have to admire the craftsmanship.

My front and back doors seem to be heavy-ish but hollow with a plastic kind of board over the inside and outside, with a rough surface.  They each have a little widow but you can't see through the yellow plastic rectangle on the front door!  I also have a storm door on the front that has probably been here since 1972!   I love wood screened doors too and would love to find one that fits.  I one I have has been screwed and stripped so I can't get the screws out to replace the screen!  It bugs me so (pun intended) that besides not keeping bugs out, it is no longer serving it's purpose, that I keep thinking about just taking it down.

These days, I am totally attracted to yellow painted wood screen doors with the cottage trim and barn doors, with fabulous black heavy hardware.  I saw a wonderful castle looking door that I'd love for my kitchen but the closest door, the front door, is in the living room. I did think of a barn style slider but that's out of the question right now. Anything extra, is on hold, if it's not a quick, cheap, DIY!  This is the part of the budget where I try to work with what I have.

These are just an example of what is tickling my fancy!

Bath room door from a NH sheep barn.

I love barn doors and I was thinking I could put those thin pieces of wood over the actual door and add hardware to it... more like the white one below.

 A great pocket door but no real reference to its original source.

I just love the pocket door above and all pocket doors.

I like this one for my bedroom room, which is at the end of the hall.  I don't kno what color I'm painting the hall yet but I'd paint this to match.  I think the mirror will bounce more light and hopefully make the hallway wider.

And the screen door that makes me drool can be found here:

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