Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Moving right along...sorta

Yesterday, I had such great plans... as I do so many days.  After checking in with everything and playing a couple of rounds of Words with Friends with my niece who is expecting her second baby (a girl this time) and on bed rest.

I haven't been feeling great these days but finally  decided that I would venture out and do a couple of errands.  After getting "dressed" and ready to put on my flip flops, it started thundering...ground rumbling and shaking thunder... and then came the rain!!  No flip flops, no going out.

So I did this instead:

I did hang things before finishing painting.  On the left side wall, I had spray painted LiveLaughLove in aqua.  It covered well but as you can see, it just fades away on the wall.  I'll repaint it and the frames white.

I put the electric blanket (plaid) away in the seagrass trunk (not truck!) as well as a quilt and a Nate Berkus blanket.

I want to recover the couch with duck cloth or a simple drop cloth.  I need to measure.  I want to recover the 4 big, back pillows of the couch with the following material... 2 and 2...

I'd love to re-do the whole couch with this...
but for now... 2 big pillows will do.

and 2 pillows of this...

 But when I just went looking for it, it is out of stock.
Just my luck!!  Back to the drawing board.

This is the idea for the sofa cover and wing back chair.
Annabellea drop cloth sofa; here.

Today looks like more of the same...


  1. love the idea of the drop cloth and so cheap! bummer on the material I really liked it too. your doing a great job.<3 Melody

    1. Thank you Melody! Did you see my 'share' on Facebook from Completely Coastal about slipcovers? She included some great places for fabric... I just started looking again and so many new choices! Thanks again...I'll keep you posted.


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