Thursday, June 21, 2012

Trying to catch up...and Intro to my Living Room Re-do

(written:  Monday June 11)

One wall at a time

I am so excited! The living room is finally feeling like it is coming together!

I went with the idea of a lighthouse beam coming out from under the kitchen cabinets and once I hit the window the beam continues down the hall... well, into the hall because I haven't gotten that far that it's down the hall. As I told you in my other post, I don't know where it came from but it was suddenly there! I'm sure somewhere in my mind, it came from necessity and resourcefulness!! (WOW! Did I say that?)

I went with the idea of using the fishing nets I have for a window treatment on the window above the air conditioner. That a/c is not coming out of the window until it doesn't work! I have tried from inside and outside to clean in between the glass with absolutely no success and it bugs me! I don't need anything on the window for privacy and want whatever light I can get to come through... so the fish net idea! I did see fish nets draped over the top and sides of a window, like a scarf treatment, which also looks nice, but I want to camouflage of sorts.
One is too small and one is actually too big. And the net on the larger one is open more. I like the openings on the smaller net better. So right now, I am using what I have, so I used both, layering the smaller on top of the larger. The shells are attached to the larger one and a fish ornament that says "fish stories told here" is attached to the smaller one. It will do for now, until I measure and shop for one that is just right!

I had picked up some small 'seagulls flying' at the thrift store for a couple of dollars. I have a couple outside but I also had more looking for a place to fly. I put a coat of primer on them and then just lightly sanded the head, wings, and body. I like them! I'm going to see how they work out in to net and/or on the window. There are probably other things to add as I go along and start to put things back in order. See if you can pick things out.

I was going to paint my TV stand white and did go as far as a coat of primer but as it was drying I looked around and the wood furniture I had already painted was shades of aqua. This stage of the game is about using what I have so I put a few stokes of the wall color on and it was too close, (no contrast) so I dug out a quart of another (exterior) aqua and painted it that color... much better. Then I got my jumble of jute string and a dab of glue here and there, wrapped the spacer pieces with'll see and a shell here and there and my inexpensive (cheap) stand doesn't look half bad. I decided that I want to get some bigger jute (fatter) to do the bottom and back pieces. Maybe, I'll go crazy and glue it around the edges of the shelves with a knot in the middle. Now I'm having fun!

Some people love them...I am not one of those people! I have been taking down the vertical blinds as I have been working in each room. The kitchen blinds are wrapped in the shed (I had planned on donating them). The blinds from the first window are still in the back of my tonka truck to go to the dumpster.
I was laying in bed one night and decided instead of throwing them out, I could use the slats to edge my gardens! BUT when I was taking down the blinds on the other living room window, it hit me! I can use the slats as faux window molding and baseboards!! Guinness!!!

For now, I am going to put the book case by the front door. I eventually want a table there. The table under my break through that I am using as a desk, was actually there. I want and need something by the front door for a spot for keys, dog poop bags, leash, know what I mean. Eventually, I think the book case will wind up in my bedroom... eventually.

I wish my body could keep up with my mind. I wish my mind realized my body can't keep up. If I could get the two together maybe it wouldn't be so frustrating sometimes and I wouldn't push harder than I should. But hopefully this is a learning curve!

As I write this, I am waiting for the roller to defrost. I am starting to wonder if it is worth the wait. I could have used the roller until all the paint was used up in it and washed it up...I'd finally be painting the ceiling! But I am using the rest time wisely, I guess. I didn't sleep much again last night and afraid to get too relax where it may become 'nap time'!

I am also looking around as to where I am going to put things...when I get to that point. I'm wondering what will stay and what will go somewhere else. I have collections of many sea shells. Many are from beaches I've been to, some are not but I love them just the same. I used to have a nautical room and still have lighthouses, the Salty Captain and Mate (they remind me of my Grandfather so much!),definite beachy things, candles and candle holders, a collection of angels, signs (lots of signs, plaques) lots of pictures (lots), toss pillows and beach and nautical themed toss pillows, and lots of trays (serving trays that I use for allot of things) and maybe, too many baskets!

My mother was totally blown away when I moved and she saw a store pillow carton (the kind that is about 4 feet high; maybe you've seen them in the store at back-to-school time?) Anyway, the box was jam packed full of baskets and that was probably only half of it! I use baskets for everything. I use them for decoration, for storage, for carrying, for name it, I most likely have a basket to use for it.

As I sit here too, I wonder about some furniture placement. My TV was in front of the air conditioner. I no longer have cable, using rabbit ears. I put the TV there so it would be close to the window for reception, but not in front of the window I could open and close, according to the weather. Well, that part of it worked out well, but, in order to clean the air conditioner filter every 1000 hours, it means disconnecting and moving it out of the way...on the floor, and picking it up and setting up again. Hassle! So I think I will move it over and the side shelf will be just under the air conditioner, and the TV to the side of it. So now as I look and think, I need something on the other side to balance it. Darn! And I don't know what to put there.

# # #

Once this is done, the next project is THAT EXTRA room! The room I am hoping to put together as an office, craft room, guest room, library.... and everything else room so so many of my living room projects can go away!

Or maybe the SHED! Or a day here and a day there. There are a few things I can think of that can be donated and a few things to better organize.

Or maybe the HALLWAY or my BEDROOM!!! And the built in shelves...maybe an additional closet....The possibilities are endless.

For now it is catch up on the things that where neglected while I was re-doing the living room. Time to find a new home for craft and paint materials. Re-hang frames down the hall still the next step.

Take a break too...

It's all part of the journey!

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