Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mistake! My attempt at a Decorative Twine Ball...

There are always things that look easy but when I actually do them, they just don't seem to come out right.  Here is one for the record book!

This was going to be so simple!  All I needed was balloons, twine, and white glue and water.  Don't let anyone tell you that it isn't messy... it is very messy!

You will want to.

not exactly what I wanted...

I didn't exactly pay attention to the directions.  And it was my first time, so what did I know....
  • first, I didn't use as much twine as most of the pictures I'd seen;  I don't think that matters;
  • to keep the dripping mess to a minimum inside, I clipped them to a bamboo and left them to dry OUTSIDE; that may have mattered;
  • I forgot about them till the next day; that could have mattered;
  • and this is what I found - a hard jumble @!#!?
I'm not sure whether it was the wind, the air coming out of the balloons, or what but that's what they looked like.  I didn't know what to do so I left them there and after the rain, there was a puddle of white glue and water and straight twine attached to the deflated balloon!

Do as I say, not as I do!!  Follow the directions above - let them dry on a plate or waxed paper.

Do over!


  1. Ha- this is great. I hope you do try again. I wrote the original blog post after seeing the Nate Berkus episode. I made a few failures myself-none quite as nasty as yours though! I have found that the best way to dry them is to set them on the top of a glass or jar so that they keep their shape. Be sure to let them dry until they are totally dry and crispy. If you think they are too soft- you can add another layer of glue while the balloon is still inflated inside. I hope you try again because they are very cool! ~ Thanks. Melanie from

    1. Thanks Melanie! I will try again! I just had to post my disaster for laughs and sometimes there are no short cuts! Will let them dry INSIDE next time :)


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