Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Memorial Day Weekend

I just want to take this time to thank all our military, past, present and future, and their families for their service and sacrifice so you and I may continue to live in a free country.  My Great-Uncle Joe was killed by a sniper during World War 2, after getting his men to safety.  My mother says that you don't know what it does to a family unless you live it.  After being killed-in-action, you are never the same.  All gave soon, some gave all.

RIP Uncle Joe
January 15, 1918 NYC;
October 3, 1944 St. Antonis-Overloon, Holland

So much about inside the military is unspoken in all generations, but what each solider lives through, we must not forget their sacrifice for our lives. There are things we just shouldn't take for granted.

Above is this week-end's friend, Brenda, in Texas, posted this to my FB page.  I am in the cone of the path.  It has been windy here and with gusts from the northeast.  Yesterday while I was spray painting, I did it in a corner with the drop cloth trying to block the breeze.

We didn't have a winter here; our winter, so to speak, was very mild and warmer than usual.  Our winter was more like our (normal-ish) spring and spring has been more like summer!  Having had gotten used to the weather pattern, our winters are usually by New York standards are a wonderful spring or fall time (depending on which way the wind blows- north, chillier, and south- warmer)  The air conditioners are off, windows open and really great sleeping weather!   I have been lucky since I moved to Florida.  With the exception of Tropical Storm Fay, where I am sure it rained for 40 days and 40 nights, when I lived in Vero Beach, there haven't been any major hurricane hits here. 

so began my understanding that rain alone could disrupt your days

and my fascination with clouds.

But this year has been different ... too hot, too soon, too long, keeps the water temperatures up.  That is one of the factors that make good TS travelling and feeding.  Hurricane Season starts June 1st and runs through November, and I think we are up to the 3rd named storm.   So this weekend, I will be keeping an eye on the weather!

Today's advisory for Brevard County is:
Hurricane Statement
Gusty Winds And Squalls Expected From Beryl Sunday Night ...Precautionary/Preparedness Actions... Precautionary/Preparedness Actions... Persons Should Check Outdoors Today For Loose Items And Secure Them Or Bring Them Indoors As They May Be Tossed About By Gusty Winds Starting Sunday Afternoon. Take Advantage Of This Opportunity To Review Your Hurricane Disaster Plan And Evaluate Your State Of Readiness For This Season. If You Do Not Have A Plan...Make One.
You can check Central Florida here.

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