Monday, May 14, 2012

Create your own Oasis.

I've been working outside and will give you a closer look at creating my oasis today.  I'll even try to tell you where I got it... most of which I just shopped my home. 

When I received my May issue of Coastal Living, it was a thrill to see it as I pulled the mail out of the mail box.  I'm telling you, it is such simple things that make me happy.  So I got this idea for posting some of my thoughts as I flipped through the magazine.  They have a website that has even more wonderful ideas, pictures and DIY articles.  I was going to start with the May issue but instead hopped over to the site and found Create your own backyard Oasis!

Many things are from Linens 'n Things (LNT).  I worked for them for 15 years and have given away so much.  I worked for them till 2008 when the last stores were closed due to bankruptcy.  You can only imagine how hard it is to work somewhere that you love and have to have all beautiful things.  There was a time where I paid them to let me work there (I shopped more than I made!)

Click here for 10 ways to create an oasis.

To me this is so close to perfect.  It is lush and has some color.  It looks like it would still be appealing if not maintained constantly.  Right up my alley.  I'm also taken by the house colors, which I have been scoping out.  (Painting outside in the fall...when it gets cooler again.)

So I have been trying to create my own oasis in paradise.  I wish sometimes that I could just have someone come in and plant all the plants, full grown, of course, and sit back and enjoy... but, that wouldn't have the same exhausting satisfaction.

as you come onto the patio
along the outside

I really like my 'dune' fence around the patio.  It has given it that room feel and I don't feel so much like I am sitting out THERE. 

Greene's 24Hx180L Picket Border Fence @ Lowe's
I just used it upside down for a dune fence
 I brought my indoor-outdoor  out and use it to define my sitting area, even though it's just me and Heidi.  She loves it and she just lays there checking out the outside noises.  I love to sit and watch her ears perk up and I wait to see what she hears.

Indoor/Outdoor Palm Rug (LNT)
White Adirondack Chair (Wal-Mart)
Yellow and Coral Adirondack Chair (Winn-Dixie)

I want to move the rug back a bit and use it to define the sitting area.  Behind that (back where I was standing) is the barbecue.  I have two bistro tables I want to use one for sitting, and the other for a place to set things down when cooking.  There is also a shed there too, that I'd like to get brave enough to paint as a Tiki Hut.

planting to provide some feeling, at least, of privacy.

Because I was waiting for paint to dry as I was painting the kitchen table, I was puttsing around and doing things on the patio.

So far I haven't been able to get these to stay up!

... and taking pictures...  I find everything is always and continues to be a work in progress.

The basket is heart shaped
(don't remember where I got it but Michael's is a good place for baskets)
Bamboo bundles (Dollar Tree)
Real Coconut (North Captiva Island)
White mini-lights
my lit palm (LNT)
tiki bar sign and paper shade (Dollar Tree)

I just came across this and have to share.  To me, this is a perfect little sandy "beach" for your children or grandchildren, and easy enough to put together and maintain.  Hopefully you don't have cats or cats that like your yard.  Back Yard Sandy Beach 

I did move the rug back ... I placed the white chair there because the fence ends right there so it gives and illusion of continuing to the pole... it's pulled closer because I had my feet up last night and the drop cloth is there for Heidi to lay on... need to make cushions.

This (kinda) baker's rack is from LNT, too.  Over the years, it has been in the kitchen, living room and bedroom.  I wish I had another one but.... it was actually sold for outside... I want to put herb plants on it and move it over closer to the steps.  Right now, the seagull on top shelf was repainted for top of directional pole; beach bucket candle holder (Yankee Candles); 2 Margarita glasses (Dollar Tree) with candles in; dog water dish; bottom shelf: crank/electric radio.

Now what happened here?
I'm wondering if this is what happens when you put them outside to dry and it is very windy out.  I'll try again.

I did this on a whim... and I like it!  I got bundles of bamboo 3 or 4 for $1 at Dollar Tree.  It's tied with jute twine and I hooked the sign into the top of one piece. (Port of Indecision from Margaritaville). 

That's it for today.  I'm working on a list of things... I'll keep you posted as I go along.  Have a great day!!


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  1. I love everything you are doing to your little piece of paradise and can't wait to see what you do next!


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