Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's May!!

Happy May 1st to you!  Happy Birthday to my best friend from school, Gail.  Happy Maypole Day!  Happy Spring!  Celebration of flowers and ribbons, song and dance.  Time to welcome and embrace outside!

Listen and watch: First of May

So for me, it is time to be ready for embracing outside.  It is time to:
  • stock a basket to include some paper plates and cups, salt & pepper, barbq utensils and a few store grocery bags for clean-up.
  • prepare ahead of time salads and meals to cook on the grill.
  • salsa and grilled vegetables...
Time to mark your calendar in anticipation of the 99 days of summer.
DAY 1: MAY 28: Celebrate National Hamburger Month on Memorial Day with special burgers shredded cheddar cheese in the center or burgers with all the fixings.

DAY 2:

DAY 3: MAY 30:  Download a summer ring tone.  (Summer Nights from Grease).

There are 27 additional days to get ready for the 99 days of summer.  I have been doing my best at cleaning up, plantings, shopping inside my home to bring outside to have a comfortable place to "hang out" in summer mornings and evenings.  Florida afternoons are the warmest, hitting a high around 4pm.  I am trying to get on that schedule, as I seem to decide to do things in the heat of the day!  I'm learning.
  • treat yourself to a hair cut;
  • treat yourself to a pedicure;
  • head out for a walk on the sand-- it's nature's foot massage!
  • see what local festivals are coming up and plan on attending;
  • hunt for sea glass during a Perigean spring tide (a high tide that occurs when the moon is closet to the Earth).  The following low tide makes one of the best of the year for hunting sea glass and shells.  June 4 marks the summer's first of these highest of tides.
  • see an eclipse...June 5-6, called the solar transit.
  • have your skin ready for the summer; coconut version  here and 'Like' their Facebook page for more information and discounts.
  • Oh, it is time for hanging sheets to dry in the sun, and infuse your house with fresh scents of summer.
  • Speaking of fresh scents of summer, I love Yankee Candles.  I love their beachy scents and they have a new-ish scent, Green Grass that I am so hoping it smells like an older scent "Cut Grass".  It smelled just like someone just cut the grass and THAT to me is very summer!
  • Give yourself a self-tan.  The Jergens line delivers great color for less than $10.  It works well for me as I am so pale and gives a healthy glow.
  • Get a cool new cover-up...for the beach or for lounging.
  • Remember to celebrate Flag Day (June 14).
  • Dress up drugstore/dollar store flip flops; cut ribbons into 4 inch strips and tie...the possibilities are endless.
  • Pack a hurricane kit.
Well, that's a start and I'll be checking off my list too.  Some are ahead of time but need to mark the calendar so we don't forget.

Have a wonderful day and a wonderful time getting ready to count down summer.  Enjoy May while it's here!  ~pat

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