Saturday, May 5, 2012

RECAP: From Dumpster to Kitchen


BEFORE: table from side of the dumpster

sanding the entire table

never would have gotten off all the gunk without this!

came with attachments and a case

prime the whole table with a brush

rolled on Brushed Orange paint

rolled on a second coat of the Brushed Orange on the top

using Folk Art acrylic paint for the edge

this is what I've used so far

used a 'chip brush' to paint the whole table
yellow (BM Dalila) EXCEPT the top

started sanding around the top edges... to see...

getting the layers of all the paint colors and wood

So far, I am into this table for less than $50.00.  But because the only thing I will use up and not use again is the Brushed Orange paint, I'm looking at it as so far it really the only real cost is $2.94!!  I am liking what I am seeing and very happy with my dumpster table!   I guess I can actually start calling her my TREASURE!



  1. I love your table especially that orange. It reminds me of a dreamsicle. It turned out so pretty with all the layers showing through. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving kind words about my kitchen remodel.

    1. Thank you for coming over too and your kind words about my table... my dreasicle :) (I like that!) It is great to be able to share, inspire, encourage and appreciate each other's journey.


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