Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lazy Susan... who is she?

Instead of doing some fancy work on the table, I decided it was safer to do something on my Lazy Susan.

Who knew?
The term "Lazy Susan" made its first written appearance in a Good Housekeeping article in 1906, although their existence dates back to the 18th century. Prior to the use of the term 'Lazy Susan', they were referred to as dumbwaiters, a term today applied to a small elevator for transporting food.  There is no clear evidence as to the origin of the Susan part of Lazy Susan.

It started off in pencil and then I used a Sharpie over the design.  I used black Folk Art paint and then accents of bronze paint.

I stencilled and painted black : PRAGUE   2005  at what would be the bottom.  2005 is when my sister and I went to Prague.

I rolled over the top with the Brushed Orange paint that I used on the table. Let it dry and then lightly sanding with 120 grit sand paper and then 320 sand block.

Because this will be used more often I decided to use the wipe-on poly coat.  I think I liked it better before I put a coat of paint over it, but for now...

At this point, I am looking forward to it being done and on the table, so I can check off another thing off my list! 

And... there it is!  I put some of my great-grandmother's glasses on it....done for now.

_/ check!


  1. Hy doll! lovely post! what do u say about following each other?:X

  2. When I was in high school, I remember going to a restaurant with my parents where the feature was a Lazy Susan in the center of the table. Dishes were served family style and placed on the Lazy Susan so it could be whirled to anyone who wanted a helping. I'd never heard of a Lazy Susan before then. My ex-wife was also named Susan, but I won't make any jokes about that.
    Anyway, your work is very nice.

    Tossing It Out


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