Friday, May 11, 2012

This can be crazy!

Just a quick post.  I'm having problems up-loading pictures to my page Journey's End on Facebook...very frustrating!  and even trouble being able to do things there.  But I had to share~

I am standing in my kitchen, drinking coffee and look out the side window...I can see the side of the dumpster...from my window I can't tell what it is but I can tell you it was furniture.  I turn away and go into the living room... I sit... I get up... look again and start getting this crazy feeling!!  I have to see!!  I grabbed a bag of garbage... the dog and we drive to the dumpster!

And this is what I see:

The chairs were in perfect condition, a couple with cushions.  The table had some strange made over top and the wood chair was in need of love... decisions... decisions...decisions...

I just took the wood chair.  I still go over and over it... I don't need outside chairs... I have 3 and I'm the only one that sits....I'm teaching Hiedi to sit up on another.  If I were to re-do it to sell, I have no where to put it right now.

So I am motivated again to clean up the patio and clean up and out the shed...

When we got back in front, we had a visitor!  And then it started to pour!

Have a great week-end!

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