Friday, May 4, 2012


This isn't done but I should have just posted this as the days went by... oh well, you live and you learn.  (That's what my life is all about now.)

Remember my dumpster table?

We've all heard of "from trash to treasure".  Well, this is my "dumpster to kitchen".

This table has been sitting on the patio waiting to see a little love.  I was putting off working on it because it is too large a piece to sand by hand.  I finally went to Lowe's and got myself a palm sander.  I have graduated to a serious DIYer!!  I feel like a big girl now!

I can't tell you how many posts, blogs, and videos I have watched and read about doing furniture.  I sit here and drool... if only I could do that... I really, really like this or that.  Well, time to take the plunge.  I've gotten my feet wet, some with better results then I expected, but this is a big piece.  I am going to do my best to go step by step here and document it as I go along.  I must confess, I'm a little nervous about this piece.

So today is the day!  I pulled out my sander and read through the directions (kinda) and realized I didn't have the right sand paper grit.  Today is HOT and is only going to get HOTTER!  I am just not in the mood to go running around ... I am making due with what I have.  I hope I will be fine.

What I am using:
  • Skil OCTO Multi-Finishing Sander  ($39.97 Lowe's)
  • Kilz 2 Latex primer  (on hand)
  • Valspar color sample: Brushed Orange ($2.94 Lowe's)
  • Folk Art acrylic paint  (on hand)
  • Benjamin Moore: ben (interior paint & primer) Dalila (on hand)
  • BM: ben Little Angel (on hand)
  • Chip Paint Brushes  (on hand)
  • Foam Paint Brushes (on hand)
  • SHUR-LINE edger  ($2.96 Lowe's)
  • Cheesecloth  ($2.00 Lowe's)
  • MINWAX Paste Finishing Wax (Natural)  ($9.97 Lowe's)
  • MINWAX Wipe-On Poly (Clear Gloss)  ($11.97 Lowe's)
  • Drop Cloth  4x5  ($5.98 Lowe's)

Step 1:  I actually tried to clean it up and wash it down before sanding but I couldn't get the caked on gunk off... so away we go.

Step 2:  My thought was just to sand the shine off but did have to sand that gunk off too, so some areas where actually sanded down to bare wood.... oh well... still hoping for the best.

STEP 3:  And now it was time to prime the whole table.  Now while it dries, I am debating whether to add a second coat of Kilz. 

I wish I had a better picture but a fighter was doing maneuvers over head.  At first I ignored it but then curiosity got me and since I had my camera, this is the best I got:

here it came out of the trees and it's trail started
(plus I can't see it on my screen)

Back to primer and drying:

This table is going in the kitchen which is 2 shades of yellow and an orangery-coral color accent.  So I want these colors on the table to come through when I distress it. So right now, I'm debating with my self in what order to layer the paints.  The walls are the pale yellow, the cabinets are a brighter yellow.  I only have a tiny jar of what I used to paint accents and stencil but have a new jar of a coral color I wanted to try in my bedroom... let's see how it goes.

Well I made up my mind by the amount of paint on hand.  Although I have enough of the yellows I still need it and the darker coral isn't enough, I went with the new coral. 
I do have to make a note:  I have been reading allot about not using "sample paint".  Just my thoughts and feeling about it:  I can not afford a quart of this and a quart of that when I do not need that much.  Not only will I wax this entire piece but will also seal it.  I do not have any one to add to the wear and tare of it... and if worse comes to worse, I will re-do it.
The Valspar paint amount is more then enough for this table.


STEP 4:  I wound up letting it go with just one coat of primer.  I used a roller to do the top with this new coral color.  I really, really love it!!  And WILL use this color in my bedroom!  I sat and stared at the top and then took the roller to whatever I could cover.

SEE??  I am drooling over it!  Most of the white you see is in the grooves.  I decided after staring at it that I will use the accent color I have in the grooves with a brush.  I want another coat of this yummy color and then a coat of the lighter yellow... I am so excited now!

 DAY 2:

I kept thinking about my table last night.  I wanted to go back out and paint the grooves.  I wanted to go out and give it another coat.  When I went outside with the dog, I thought, it definitely needs another coat on top.  So here we go....

here she is.. waiting for me!

So here's where I am starting today.  And trying to get into the groove... in more than one way.

I started off with a soft brush but needed a stiffer one to get into the nooks and crannies going around the top.  After that, I sanded  the top lightly with a 320 grit block and rolled on another coat of Brushed Orange.  And letting it dry an hour.  When I go back out, I am going to turn it on a drop clothe and work on the bottom.
I really need to sweep up the patio, it's been in the windy side here.  But I'm afraid to because I don't want to kick up any dirt and dust then necessary.  So when it is done being painted and time for a wax and seal, I'll move it into the kitchen... if not before.

( The jet is back!  But I went down the block to the airport and it didn't come back.)

It needs another coat...maybe, maybe not?

painting the bottom and the side yellow (BM Dalila)
over the Brushed Orange.

But here's where I am getting nervous!    I used a Chip Brush but the next coat of paint, I'll use a foam brush.  But what makes me nervous is:  when I start distressing and sanding will enough of that yummy Brushed Orange come through.  At this point, I don't want to cover any of it on the top. 

In my mind it looks good but it's just not there yet!   the table is not matching what's in my mind!  There's going to be a Day 3 

I think I've got it!

I thought I was done for the day/night, but each time I go out with Hiedi, I sand  little bit more and then just sit and stare at it... I think it will be okay.  Under the yellow, I want the yummy orange, white and wood to show while just having a line around of the Folk Art orange.  By George, I think I've got it!!

DAY 3:

Well, another day on my dumpster table.  I am loving the colors and today is my day to distress.  My objective is to get a worn feeling, with all the layers of color coming through.  I hope I accomplish that.

I think I have it.

top edge

I had to walk away and look at the pictures and glance back and forth at it.  I took the 320 grit block over areas to make sure it was smooth.  I also took a damp cloth and wiped it down to pick up saw dust.  I was able to go through the yellow exposure the coral...white...dark wood and natural wood in different areas.  I also tried to have more yellow towards the bottom and gradually showing more coral around the top edge.

I remembered earlier and then forgot about the Falcon Rocket launch this afternoon - so here's my hurry up picture.
I'm going to publish this now.  I didn't mean to start my own book!
Hope you have a great afternoon and don't forget to check out the moon tomorrow!


  1. I LOVE IT and love the look. I have always wanted to do something like this and now, after reading and seeing your post, I may give it a try. Thanks.

  2. Thank you for stopping by and posting! I hope you will try it. I've wanted to do something like this for a very long time and then found the table. I finally took the plunge and figured what the absolute worse that can happen? I bring it back to the dumpster! I can't wait to do another piece but I have to finish this one first! You're welcome and have fun. ~pat


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