Wednesday, May 9, 2012

where I'm supposed to be...

Being right where I am supposed to be~
What does that mean?
What does it feel like?

Close your eyes
Take a deep, deep breathe
hold it
exhale slowly
feel that feeling
feel at peace

Everyone has their journey to travel.  Each journey unique to each person.  Some of us arrive sooner than others; some of us think we've arrived sooner than we do.  There have been times we thought we'd never arrive, no less move along, wherever there may be.

Just because you may be where you are or where you're supposed to be, doesn't mean the journey is over ~ it goes on.  But take the time to:
continue to learn,
do what able to do,
and most important:  ENJOY these moments!

You'd think I'd be bored or lonely but I'm not!  My days fly by.  I still have a journey to continue; lessons to learn, things to come to terms with and things to get better at.  But I finally realize I can make it through anything ~like it or not~ as long as:
I must remember:
God keeps granting me the serenity;
acceptance of things I cannot change;
change the things I can; and
wisdom to know the difference.

I can tell you stories and invite you to share, as you can too.  But you haven't  walked in my flip flops nor I in your heels.  Where I have been has taken me to today.  When I could, I would give you anything or do anything so that you'd never have to wear my flip flops.  I hope you too learn from your journey and get where you can say, "I am right where I am supposed to be!"

The past is gone,
the present is a GIFT
and the future is but a dream.
I am free to be me and do what I love... enjoy the journey.

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