Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ready for the beach? UP-DATED

If you are waiting for warmer weather and those winter blues to go away, changing up a few things can always help... and don't forget your flip flops! 

Not by the beach? Bring the beach home to you,  for you!   A little beach wear goes a long way... whatever you're wearing...jeans, shorts, Capri's... first thing is first and there is nothing like being able to just put on a pair of flip flops!  Hey, we even wear our flip flops with a sweatshirt!  These are my going out flip flops!

My favorite flip flops
These are my favorites right now.  I love the color and I also got them in black!  I'm set for a while.  The everyday price is $9.99 at Pay less!  I use my old ones around the house and yard and they have lasted a couple of years.

While I was getting my flip flops, I was talked into and bought Brash Nail Polish in Totally Teal.  I know all too well about add-on sales and just giggled to myself but I love this nail polish!  It isn't to thick or too thin... just right.  It goes on nice and smooth and one coat is enough for coverage.  It dries quickly; quicker than some of those thin polishes.  It lasts!  It doesn't chip and rub off the next day or after washing your hands... you know what I mean?  I wore it for a week before taking it off because working on a project and sanding doesn't work with a manicure.  With a touch up, my toes still look pretty!

I just saw this on their website and it would be perfect for both pair of flip flops!  I am a freak for handbags and this one is a shopper, so it would be great to through a day out stuff in it.  It's on sale now for $16.99!

Don't forget sunglasses!  Ask me where mine are and they are more than likely on top of my head.  Mine are black frame, dark lenses and almost, if not, Jackie O's style.  I have always worn this style and many times had raccoon eyes after time in the sun.  These are now prescription glasses but I also look forward to getting dark lenses reading glasses.  The importance of shielding your eyes from the sun can't be stressed, even for children.

These are very similar to my Rx sunglasses but they are actually a Solar Shield that fits over classic glasses.  I'll have to take a look at them for over my reading glasses for outside reading...or close up projects.

I don't know about you, but I like a good moisturizer, and found it so hard to find one that works for me.  I finally found one that was recommended by my doctor's assistant.  Eucerin  Dry Skin Therapy Plus Intensive Repair.  It works great and I need to use it again.  It helps much better when you use it! I used to and will again rub it in before bed.

I probably avoid the sun more these days than ever.  When I expect to be in the sun I do use a sun screen but have realized I should use it everyday.  I will be searching for one during my next trip down the drug store aisles.  I also want to look for a self tanner.  I had one I used and it worked well as a healthy skin glow.  I will no longer use one on my face (out of orange nightmares) but just arms and legs.  I use a mineral bronze lightly on my face, if anything, for color.  I am very fair and have made some bad sun mistakes in the past.

I'm sure everyone has a favorite candle.  I'm a big fan of Yankee Candles.  They have some great fragrances that will take you to the beach, starting with Sun and Sand .  It smells so much like Coppertone, and congeries up childhood memories of the beach.  They have so many delicious smells of summer to choice from.
And they have great beachy accessories:

So there you have it...Flip Flop Till You Drop!!

I forgot one more thing:

the beach house, flip flop and SEAGLASS

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