Sunday, July 28, 2013

Design your Life - Excercise 2:

... and my journey continues...

Today's Post:

Design Your Life

Right now, I am feeling like a sponge again.  I am open and soaking up allot around me.  I am soaking up the sunshine, the warm breezes, sights and sounds, information, and most recently, I am soaking up the tutorials from Paintin Place on YouTube.  

I am driven and excited to watch them and driven to paint more...learning more.  

I love the beach.  I have spent the best and worst times of my life there and I keep going back.  I want to expand my paintings.  Colors, especially tropic colors light my spark and seeing them come alive ignites me.  Ms. Sherry also ignites me and makes me want to do more.  My gift of painting... I want it to be simple and clean but fun, souvenir-ish, that you have to have to remember "that" moment.

All those things and more, and Ms. Sherry, nourish my soul. 

Now it's your turn!  Have a great day!

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  1. an added exercise today was to pick one "A" word and use it in a sentence... I couldn't pick ONE!

    I will ACCEPT what I am ABLE to do and take ACTION to ACHIEVE my goals by ACCEPTING the ASSISTANCE offered to me to become what I ASPIRE to be.


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